Merge madness 9

Merge madness 9

I had a long and dramatic break but i am back and i will be gone for a while again.

published on October 06, 201814 reads 7 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

Remember the Recommend charater join?

Merge cube: a while back we had a recommend charater join vote and Key ring won!
Key ring: H-hi everyone. I am Key ring and i hope to make new friends.
X-wing: wait. New friends?
Key ring: well. Umm.
Brick: *grabs key ring* WHAT DO YOU WANT PUNK?!
Key ring: P-put me down!
Brick: ehh. Only because i am not in the mood to hurt you.
Amulet: ya. Sure.
Brick: i will hurt you!!!
Amulet: i would like to see you try to kill me.
Blue firey: you might want to set this one out brickey. She is more powerful than you think.
Brick: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Nope. IM GONA KEEEL YOU!!!
*brick shatters Amulet's Crystals. All but her center one*
Brick: Why arent you DYING?!
Amulet: because. If i die. You would die as well.
Brick: huh? Whatever. Im going for the kill.
Amulet: heh. Whatever.
*Amulet regenerates het crystals and fights brick*
Key ring: are they always like this?
Rafty: not useually. Well. Not useually with amulet and brick.
Derp: letz just gel lo lhe nezt kattange.
Toasty:... What?
Cat: meww!
Blackcurrant: uhh... Guys... Somthing dosent feel right...
Key ring: right. So. What team would i be joining on?
Pi: you will be joining the wining team in the next challenge.
Key ring: oh. Ok.
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Comments (2)

This is a double voteing and if you are wondering why all the choices are Merge cube is because Team Rooster hacked the voting.
on October 06, 2018
Crap I didn't submit a character for the remmeced sign up oh well you forget some you remember some
on October 06, 2018