The Sharkenge #8

The eighth continuation of The Sharkenge, the Challenge with sharks now.

published on September 22, 201838 reads 6 readers 4 not completed
The Sharkenge #8
Chapter 1.


Keinoa: Goll, I'm still so bummed out that Cyra's gone.
Luigi: Yeah well, what are ya gonna do? Okay, will Jay, Opal, Piggy, Euro and Hewkii come over here please?
Opal: Sure. Awww...look at Pikachu...he looks so cute...
Luigi: Shut up.
Opal: Fair enough.
Luigi: Alright, we got 0 votes for Opal.
Opal: Alright!!! Ya hear that Pika? We're safe!!!
Luigi: And safe with 1 vote is...Hewkii!
Hewkii: .......!
Luigi: Okay, okay, calm down, Hewkii.
Hewkii: .......
Luigi: And safe with 1 vote is Jay.
Jay: Cool.
Luigi: That leaves us with Piggy and Euro.
Euro: Why would anyone want us voted out?
Piggy: Yeah. I'm awesome.
Luigi: was a tie.
Euro: Well, I'm safe. Nice knowing ya, Piggy.
Piggy: Luigi's gonna pick me. I'm a pig. I'm hilarious.
Luigi: Okay, okay, I'll figure this out with a wishbone. Whoever gets the longest piece stays in and gets to make a wish.
Piggy and Euro: *Break apart wishbone*
Euro: Yay!!! I got the longer piece!
Luigi: Huh...well, I just don't like you very much, so...yeah. *Throws Euro into the ocean*
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Comments (4)

Noa:were are my friends when I need them I already got burned in lava now sharks ×looks at a shark×go fummmmmppppppppp yourself I forgot I can't cuss because the irl me would get pissed
on September 22, 2018
I think Akane is getting to her limit with these people until she finally flips and kills someone and then Aqua has to bring em bacc.
Her sister ya the infamous legendary bitch Akari after all ?
on September 22, 2018
Euro (in ocean): grrrrr. When i die, ima reactivate the MM recovery center. *evil laughs and kicks herself* Snap out if it Euro. Atleast nobody knew out weakness *gets swallowed whole by a shark*
on September 22, 2018
wth opal xD
on September 22, 2018