MM reboot 1

MM reboot 1

Lol. Need to have a new pic. I will post the charaters later. You can request a charater. I will post a poll later.

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Chapter 1.

Rules for this season.

Merge cube: NO TEAMS! ALSO, EVERYONE ARENT GOING TO BE INTRODUCED. There will be points. Alliances are available!
Pi: wow. How about the first 10 episodes are teams.
Tv: that sounds better.
Merge cube:UHHH. FINE! I have to figure out who is in this season *takes out an extreamly long scroll* oh shoot. These are my bills. *takes out a shorter verson of the list* now these are my expired credit card numbers. *takes out a smaller version of the list* there we go!
Tv: why dont we just go over the newbies.
Pi: lets just say their names then.
Merge cube: fine. We have Bleach, Saturn, Blueberry smoothie, boxo, gunny, Slime ball, dog biscuit, dog tags, tip top, Swasti Kai, Gay Flag, Koopa Troopa Shell, Fire slime, cool dude, Bowgart, spoon, Euro token, Skips, Clocky, Fortuine cookie, Pencil Eraser, Fruit cup,Trash can, and Projector.
Pi: i will say the oldies! We have Bop it. Ebi, amulet, BRC, RRC, RC, X-wing, JB, Blackcurrant juice, pizza, Pinapple, rubiks cube, blue firey, Stick-
Wand: im not a-
Pi: -rafty, derp, key charm, push pin, pama, toasty, brick, ocelot egg, and creeper egg.
Tv: The hosts are me, Merge cube, and PI. And this is Merge madness reboot.
Merge cube: i should really pay these old bills.
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