The Sharkenge #4

The fourth continuation of the Sharkenge, the Challenge with sharks now.

published on September 13, 201834 reads 6 readers 4 not completed
The Sharkenge #4
Chapter 1.


Buttered Potato: Will Scarlett, Opal, Thomas, Electra, Derp, and Piggy please come here?
Piggy: What is it now?
Opal: Yeah, and I want my Pikachu back!!!
Buttered Potato: Fine, I'll make a deal with you. If you get 0 votes, then I'll give you back your Pikachu.
Opal: Fine.
Buttered Poato: The votes are in. Safe with 0 votes is Scarlett and Opal.
Opal: Yayy!!! So do I get my Pikachu?!
Buttered Potato: But I'll give you this bag of moldy spaghetti noodles. Savor the taste.
Opal: Wow.
Buttered Potato: Safe with 4 votes is Derp. A double vote was used on you. They must not like you.
Derp: Whatevz. I'm just gonna petz my kittiez.
Buttered Potato: This just leaves Piggy and Thomas.
Piggy: I don't really care who gets eliminated, to be honest. My life is already a living nightmare.
Buttered Potato:'re tied. 5 votes for Piggy (3 double votes), and 5 votes for Thomas.
Thomas: What?! Getting that many votes makes me ANGRY!!!! *Punches the glass open*
Piggy: Oh my gosh, you idiot!
Thomas: What is it, pig for brains?!
Piggy: You're letting the water in!!! There are sharks out there!!!
Thomas: Like I give a-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *Gets bitten by shark*
Scarlett: I think we all saw that coming.
(I killed off Thomas instead of my own character because he would just continue to kill people, and it'd be hard to keep having revivals)
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Comments (4)

I never thought Opal was so pikachu obssesed xD
Yep. He's got Pikaitis. Pikachu-Itis. XD
on September 13, 2018
on September 13, 2018
But lol I bet Akane threw up or something ?
There are only to many veggie hot dogs she can eat!
And if they are normal hot dogs...
She would be in danger cause she ain’t eatin NOTHIN that ain’t vegetarian ?
(Raging vegan person has now stawped her rant)
on September 13, 2018
on September 13, 2018