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I will protect you
This is a supernatural Destiel fanfic. It is so fluffy and cute! I absolutely loved writing this! I hope you enjoy. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‹
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I'm sorry Gamzee
Okay, so by the title you might think this is a Gamzee X Karkat but NO! Sorry, I don't ship it! I'm mean I do but not in a red way! This is a Dave X Karkat fanfic. WARNING MAY BE SAD! This was a colab that I did with my friend....
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A FREE sleepover
story's 1:06 and I just looked up some fan art of Free! So...why not! Plus, I have almost finished Eternal Summer. I swim as well, mostly swim backstroke but...sometimes free style. :33 I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!
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Dancing with a troll
Okay, well...HOMESTUCK IS LIFE! What else is there to say! My friend and I are obsessed! We love it! So...she sent me FANART and so this is what happened. WARNING: this contains TROLLS, humans, dancing, fluff, language, and ahh...
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This is a Bad Touch Trio fan fiction! This is also a collab! I did this with a friend! So I hope you enjoy! F. Y. I some material maybe a little extreme! Not LEMON! Lime!:p
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One dramatic visit
I wrote this with my friend while we were bored on a Friday night and thought let's write a Bad Touch Trio fan fiction! So...this is what we did! OH MY GOSH! Well..enjoy! Warning: LANGUAGE PLEASE!
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Hetalia high school AU BTT
This is my first BTT WORLD ACADEMY FAN FIC! I hope you enjoy it! Comment if you want chapter 2!๐Ÿ™‚
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Okay, so I am a attack on titan lover and I wanted to write a fanfic about it. So, I managed to write one and this fanfic is the following ship; Eren x levi Please write a comment and I'd appreciate it if they were no negative...
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