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Who is your favorite YouTuber? (4)
YouTube if life 📱💻🖥
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If you where stranded on an island for 2 weeks with only one source of food what would it be?
Have you ever wondered about how people survived WWII? Or how people survive (in movies) the apocalypse? Well, they don't all! Starvation and disease often spread quickly and kills!
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What would you do if your BFF told you she was 'different'?
Okay, I have been keeping this in but I thought that you all (my friends on Qfeast) should know! ... I am bisexual! Please don't judge me! I am trying to come out to parents...
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What is your favorite song? (3)
What's your favorite artist ? What's your favorite genre of music ? Why do you like music ? Is it calming or soothing?
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What would you do if you were asked to hide evidence of a crime for a friend? Could you do it...for a friend!?
Are you the kind of person who would do anything for frienD? If you are, tell me one thing ... Would you staying with your friend till the very end? Even if it meant that you would receive Severe punishment!😬😁
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What are you scared of? (1)
I am terrified of THUNDER and lightning! Also creeped out of spiders! Also...losing another family member! What is your fear?
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