This is a Bad Touch Trio fan fiction! This is also a collab! I did this with a friend! So I hope you enjoy! F. Y. I some material maybe a little extreme! Not LEMON! Lime!:p

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Chapter 1.

Truth or Dare

Prussia was sitting on his coach when he thought of a brilliant idea! He quickly dialed France's phone number and shouted "Hey! Are you busy...?!"
"Depends on what you want me to do," France replied with a smile in his voice. Prussia could hear voices in the background, but he couldn't tell who it was.
"Well...I am all alone tonight and I thought we could have a Sleepover!" Prussia said. "Who is that...what's going on...are you at a party?"
"'s nothing. I'm good for a sleepover if you are," France said. "Your house...eight maybe?"
"Okay, well...can you can your brother? I don't exactly feel comfortable calling him after what happened...okay...thanks!" Prussia hung up nervously and sighed.
France laughed, then dialed Spain's number.
Spain was looking out the window when his phone rang. He picked it up and heard his brother shouting about something in the background. "F-France...?"
"Ah-sorry Espania. I'm here...are you doing anything tonight? Prussia's having a sleepover. Want to come?" France asked, balancing the phone on his shoulder.
" was planning to just stay home and chili out on my coach...but I guess I could come..." Spain said kind of worried about his brother. "Where are you..?"
"I'm-ah-don't worry about that. I'll see you there though? Prussia's house, at eight?"
"*sigh* I guess...bye..." Spain said and hung up. He looked up at the ceiling worrying about France. He thought 'I better get my stuff together'.
A few hours later, Prussia heard a knock on his door. He opened it to find an enthusiastic-looking France. "I'm five minutes early--I hope that's ok, mon ami."
"Yeah, that fine...come on in!" Prussia guided France to the Living room were they would be sleeping.
"Um...since you arrived can chooses between the couch or the floor.
"Couch," France answered, turning as there was another knock at the door.
"That must be Spain!" Prussia rushed to the door and slicked back his hair. "Hey, what up my Spaniard!"
Spam didn't exactly appreciate the welcome. But, he smiled anyway. "Hey Prussia...I brought some movies!"
"Awesome! Come on in! France is already here."
"Ooh, what movies?" France asked, popping up over Prussia's shoulder.
"Um...just some scary movies!" Spain said
"COOL! What's good sleepover without scary movies and popcorn!"
"Let's go!" Prussia said leading Spain to the Living room. Here, I guess you and me will be sleeping on the floor together because France took the couch." Prussia smiled and rubbed Spain's head.
France stuck his tongue out playfully, then fell backwards onto the couch. "So...what are we doing first?"  
"Well...we should wait for the movie because it won't be as scary if it light outside. So...we could play a game..?"
"What game...?"
"I don't know...?"
"Truth or Dare!" France suggested, looking mischievous.
Spain looked at his brother and then sighed. He never liked that game, even when he was a kid. The thought of telling something embarrassing or doing something embarrassing always seemed to him to be pointless. "...fine!"
"Yeah! Let's do this..." They all say down in a circle with pillows and a bag of chips in the middle.
France grinned. "So who wants to go first?"
"Not me!" Prussia said nervously.
"I'm not gonna go!" Spain said
"I'll go," France volunteered. "Truth," he said, blue eyes glinting.
Spain looked at him with surprise. He alway thought France was a Daredevil.
"Alright, who do you like?" Prussia said leaning closer to France.
"Oh, I think you know that. I'm surprised you didn't ask something different. England, bien sûr," France answered, smiling wanly.
"Oh ya...that was obvious...ugh...DAMN IT.. pick next..." Prussia said disappointed.
France laughed. "Spain...truth or dare."
"....DARE!" Spain said with pride
"Prank call Romano," France smirked. "Disguise your voice and ask him something weird."  
"W-what! No! I can't! We....we broke up...I just can't..." Spain said cuddling his pillow.
"I'll do anyone else besides him!"
"He won't know it's you," France said, shoving Spain's shoulder lightly.
"Ugh...give me your phone...he doesn't know your number."
France tossed Spain his phone, grinning all the while.
Spain dialed Romano's number, he knew it by heart. He surprisingly answered. "Hello...?" He asked. Spain sat there in silence.
"......w-what is your waist size....?" Spain said blushing slightly
"...S-Spain...? Is that you...?!" Romano asked.  Spain didn't know what to do so he quickly hung up and dug his head in his pillow.
"Well, you failed," France said, falling back into his pillow.
Spain started to cry a little. And tried to hide it. "S-Spain? It's okay.." Prussia said hugging him and stuck his tongue out at France.  He knew how protective he was over Spain so he teased him about it.
France scowled at Prussia and shot Spain a worried glance, not sure what to say.
"...I ...I'm fine...Prussia...I am....fine..." Spain said still hugging his pillow
Prussia wrapped his hands around Spain's waist and tugged him into his arms.  
France crawled around to the other side of them and buried his nose in Spain's hair. "He can't know for sure it was you."
"Yes he dose! I have known him for 4 whole years and we started to date a year and a half ago!" Spain crawled into Prussia's arms and cried.
France sighed and leaned back, wishing knew what to say to make Spain happy again.
" Your get my shirt all wet  " Prussia said pulling Spain off of him. Spain quickly wiped his tears and smiled back a France. "I'm okay now, I just...haven't had time to vent. "
"You'll be fine," France smiled a little, pressing comfortingly against Spain's side.
"Well...should we continue playing or another game?" Prussia said trying to to make Spain cry again.
"It's dark now...shall we watch the movie?" France suggested, looking out the window.
"Yeah...sure...I'm gonna go make some popcorn." Prussia said walking towards the kitchen.
"You sure you're ok?" France shot a worried look at Spain as soon as Prussia was out of earshot.
"Y-yeah...I'm fine..." Spain said looking down.
"I'm not sure you are..."
Spain sighed and looked France straight in the eye. "I'm fine!"
"Okay...I'll believe you," France replied, still looking a little skeptical.
Spain moved closer to France and laid his head down on his lap.
France hummed softly and combed his fingers through Spain's hair.
"France...I...I really" Spain said. Until he was interrupted  by Prussia saying "POPCORNS DONE!"
France tilted his head questioningly at Spain, wanting to know what he had been about to say.
"Oh, yummy!" Spain said sitting straight up.
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