Hetalia high school AU BTT

This is my first BTT WORLD ACADEMY FAN FIC! I hope you enjoy it! Comment if you want chapter 2!🙂

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One day, in the world academy, the Bad Touch Trio were in Science class along with their other classmates. All three of them sat in the back while Mr.Romania was talking about Grammar and spelling. England sat next to France and America sat on the opposite side across from England. Prussia and Germany we're bickering at each other and Spain...was trying to play with Romano's curl! Finally Romano had enough, he turned around and punched Spain in the stomach! Spain grunted and smiled at him trying to hide his pain! Mr.Romania looked back at Spain and said "Spain, can you repeat what I just said!" Spain sat there silent with everyone looking at him. He felt so weird and said "you were explaining to America how to spell the word prejudice and what it means! ...sir!" The teacher said "that is what I thought..." Then he turned around and started to draw something on the blackboard. England snickered at Spain. France who felt bad for Spain looked at Romano with his Death Stare! A chill went up Romano's back! He turned around and saw ...FRANCE! The oldest one of them! He turned back and looked at the blackboard trying to focus on English but he could still feel France staring at him! Then the bell rang! "Alright class, that is it for today! I hope you have a great weekend!" Everyone packed up and ran for the door! Except for France and Spain! Spain still had his head on the desk and held his stomach! It still hurt from Romano's fist hitting it! Prussia who was half way out the door asked "is he okay?!" "I don't know? Espaniã? Are you okay!" Spain murmured "yeah, I am fine!" He stood up and grabbed his bag! The Bad Touch Trio walked out and down the hallway. Their next period was free! They always walked up to the top of the school and onto the roof until... "Gilbert! Gilbert!" Hungary said running towards them.

"ugh...what is it Elizabeth!" "Professor Ottoman wants to talk with all of you!" "Wait! What, he hates us!" Exclaimed France! "Yeah, we pulled a few pranks on him...why would he..." Said Spain until Hungary butted in. "I don't know why. He just told me to find you all and to come to his class room as soon as possible!" All of them signed and rolled there eyes! They walked towards the room and thought about what it was all about! "After you!" Said France "no,No. You go!" Prussia insisted "um...?" Said Spain. The two other nations pushed the younger in front and said in sync "AFTER YOU!" Spain walked in to their 3rd period Biology class. Mr. Ottoman was sitting at his desk with three small chairs lined up. "Please, sit down." They sat there in very small chairs and looked at him. "Now, before I start, I didn't call you here because you did something wrong." They all looked at each other and sighed in relief ! "I called you here because I have heard rumors that you all have a reputation of pulling pranks and ending up in ISS! So, I thought this was a way that you could redeem yourself! You all are excellent students and have planned out your future as well! So your task is everyday you will have to go out into the schoolyard and water the plants! And anyway you skip I will drop your grade by 20%! So...with that being said Are you in!" He said leaning over his desk! He mostly stared at Prussia since he was the 'Leader' of the group.
France broke the silence by saying "Will you excuse us for a minute, i believe that we should talk this over as a group!" Mr.Ottoman nodded and let them run off to the back of the room and chat. "No way! I don't have time to do shitty stuff  like planting...SHIT!" "I am actually interested in this!"Spain exclaimed "I am too. What do you say,Prussia!" France looked at Prussia with puppy dog eyes and leaned on him. "Please," "FINE! Just get off you homo!" Prussia yelled at him and pushed him onto Spain! He fell on the ground with the other on top of him! Spain struggled to get his brother off of him and started to kick straight up in the air! Spain's foot hit France right in his X! France moaned! Spain was embarrassed and Prussia was laughing nonstop! Prussia looked towards the professor still laughing and said "yeah, we'll do it!" "Good, I am glad to hear that!"
"Well...you don't you all go ahead and get started on watering them.
They need a lot of sunlight and some water every day! And again...DONT FORGET TO DO IT FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR GRADE!"France got off of the ground and Spain was still blushing. "Um...I am sorry...Francis." Spain said as he rubbed the back of his neck. "It all right ...Little brother." He Placed his hand on his X and rubbed trying to make his younger brother feel uncomfortable. And it worked, Spain shivered and then said "um...lets go!" He pulled Prussia by the arm and started to walk out the door when France Called out "come on, you are was to easy to scare! What if I told Belgium that you were afraid of getting dirty! What would she think?!" Spain stopped walking and frozen. "Oh,I see! You like Belgium don't you Spain!" Prussia teased. "UM...WE ARE FRIENDS! AND W-WE...I don't see what this has to do about watering plants!"Spain's cheeks were flustered! Prussia and France stood side by side and laughed under their breathe. "If you two are done being childish...lets go to the courtyard!" They followed the teenage spaniard and stepped outside into the blazing hot sun.

"DAMN! It's to hot! Can we go back inside!" Prussia complained. "NO! If we go back our grade will drop! I can't risk that!" France stated like he actually cared about his grades for ounce. "Yeah, plus...all we have to do is water the plants! Not that hard!" "Exactly! And we can use that water hose to help us!" France grabbed a hose and turned it on! But nothing happened! Spain saw a kink in it but he didn't tell France. He creeped behind his and loosed it! The water came squirting out and go France all wet! He tried to stop the water but he couldn't see. Prussia grabbed another hose and sprayed France as well.
His uniform was soaking wet! Prussia laughed and France pointed the water hose at him. Spain was trying to avoid anymore water because he was trying to dry out his uniform by taking his shirt off! France stopped his because he didn't want Prussia to see his abs. The BTT WERE HAVING A FUN TIME OUT THERE SPRAYING EACH OTHE LIKE THEY WERE IN GRADE-SCHOOL. England and America were recording the whole thing and planned to put it on YouTube when Romano came and stole the camera! We wanted to show Italy what a jackass Spain was with his trio. That afternoon...the BTT had watered the plants and themselves. They had to continue that day in wet uniforms. But, they didn't care! Belgium had always told all three of them the were dripping with good looks!!
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