I'm sorry Gamzee

I'm sorry Gamzee

Okay, so by the title you might think this is a Gamzee X Karkat but NO! Sorry, I don't ship it! I'm mean I do but not in a red way! This is a Dave X Karkat fanfic. WARNING MAY BE SAD! This was a colab that I did with my friend. She emailed me some fanart and I choice to write this one with her. Hope you enjoy! Follow me and please comment.

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Killing spree?

Killing spree?

Warning: LOTS OF TYPEOS (sorry(:B)      
     It's was just a normal day on the meteor until Karkat saw Dave and Terezi playing with the Mayor in Can Town.
He was too far away to hear what they were saying, but from what he could see, Dave had one arm around Terezi and one around the Mayor...and they were all smiling.
Karkat rolled his eyes and brushed it off his shoulder. He had bigger problems. Gamzee was missing!
Dave looked up and saw Karkat walking by. "Oh, hey kitkat! Wanna come hang out with us?"
"No, I don't have time! Anyway, have you seen Gamzee?"
"No..." Dave answered, looking slightly confused.
"He went missing and I am worried that he is on a killing spree, again..."
"You need any help looking for him...?"
Karkat said getting red. He turned away and started walking off.
Dave stood up, blinking worriedly after him, then shook it off and held a hand out to Terezi. "Wanna come help me defuse an angry Karkat?" he asked, smirking slightly.
"Sure Dave..." Terezi said with a toothy grin.
Dave smiled and pulled her to her feet, then linked arms with her and started after Karkat, with the mayor at their heels.
Karkat stomped off and went into the West-Wing. The lights flickered and there where blood stains on the wall.
Dave and Terezi followed him in, but Dave put his arm out to stop Terezi before they got too far. "Wait here..." he murmured, then followed Karkat as quietly as he could. When he caught up, he put a hand on Karkat's back and bent to murmur in his ear. "Hey karkles..."
Karkat screamed "FREAK! What the hell strider!" He said slowly turning around.
"I came to help," Dave said, not moving away.
"Well you didn't have to scare me! Do you know how creepy that was! We are in a room with blood on the walls and you come up and scare me!"
"So what are we doing, exactly?" he asked, stepping closer to one of the walls and making a face at a particularly big blood stain.
"Well...I was trying to find gamzee but now..I am even more worried now that I see the blood stains."
"What happens if we find him...? Do you know how to calm him down?" Dave turned back around, looking much more worried than he had before.
"Yeah...I know how to...we are...kind of close" Karkat said getting really scared when he saw Nepeta's blood splattered in a face :0)
Dave slid his hand into Karkat's and squeezed once, staring straight ahead into the darkness.
Karkat blushes slightly hoping that Dave didn't see. "Hey, are you okay?"
Karkat looked down at there hand and he squeezed back. "Okay, let's go" Karkat said walking straight ahead.
He was terrified what they might see ahead but, he didn't want Dave to see him cower in fear.
They walked for a few minutes without saying anything, but both of them could feel the tension growing as they walked past worse and worse bloodstains.
Karkat suddenly stopped. He couldn't take looking at his friends blood displayed. "Dave..." He said with a shaky voice.
"Y-yeah?" Dave said, surprised to hear the fear in Karkat's voice. He stopped walking and turned to face Karkat.
"I...I am scared...what do you think he did to all of them..."
"I'm not sure but..." Dave hesitated for a second, then pulled Karkat into a hug. "Whatever it is, I think you're the only one who can stop him."
"But...I don't want you to die...who knows what he could do to you..."
"You're worried about...me?" Dave asked, shocked.
"Yeah...I know this is a bad time to say this but...I was gonna tell you today that I...I..."
"You...what...?" Dave asked, stepping back a little.
Karkat began to blush harder. "I...i...love you..." He looked down at his feet in silence.
"I love you too...why else do you think I followed you into this hell hole?" Dave replied, smiling a little.
Karkat looked up and gave Dave a big hug "I swear to gog, if you tell anyone I will kill you"
"I won't, I promise," Dave laughed, hugging back.
Karkat was almost in tear but wiped them away fast!
"Okay...we should probably get going..."
"Yeah..." Dave said, pulling away and locking his fingers with Karkat's again. "Let's do this. Together."
Karkat nodded his head and slowly started walking.
We was scared beyond belief.
As they walked down the hall the bloodstains seemed to disappear. Only horns piled on the floor and occasionally a club or two stained with light purple and green blood.
"Do you think we're getting close...?" Dave whispered to Karkat.
"Probably but...yet again...I haven't heard one honk..."
"This just keeps getting creepier and creepier..." Dave replied, making a face.
Suddenly, there was a slight honk witch started Karkat.
He jumped and hid behind Dave.
"It's fine...you're fine..." Dave reassured Karkat, despite his own heart beat going about a million miles an hour.
"Honk HONK HoNk Honk!" The voice started to get louder.
"Oh my mother freaking gog! Dave..."
"Do you wanna go back...?" Dave asked, spinning to face Karkat. "I think I could probably handle him..."
"No, he could be hurt...I mean...I care about him...we have known each other for so long.."
Karkat said trying to sound brave.
"Okay..." Dave said, looking worried but starting to walk forward again.
Karkat walked behind Dave and looked around constantly.
After a few minutes they could see a faint outline of Gamzee in front of them. Dave turned to Karkat and whispered. "If you really wanna go back now, you can..."
"No, " he said with a shaky voice.
"Wait? Where is Terezi?"
"Waiting in the front...I didn't want anyone getting hurt that didn't have to,"
"WELCOME mY BrOtHErs to the dark CARNIVAL! I WANT you to sTaY fOrEvEr!"
"Holy shit!"
"Okay...uh...what do we do..?" Dave looked at Karkat, getting a little panicky but trying not to show it.
Karkat said stepping out behind Dave. "G-gamzee...it's me..Karkat...um...I have been really worried about you...where the hell have you been!"
"RiGHt hERe oF cOURSE...waITiNg fOr yOu..."
Dave didn't say anything, but kept a hand on Karkat's back to reassure him he was still there.
"W-waiting for me...? "
"What the hell! I have been worried. I thought you where on a killing spree again! What did we say about slime pies!"
Gamzee laughed hysterically and leaned forward slightly. "YoU'Re tHe OnLY onE whOsE bLOod I havEn'T TAstEd yEt..."
Karkat stood there terrified.
He couldn't move or say anything.
He took a step back.
That was when Gamzee lunged. Karkat cringed and squeezed his eyes shut, waiting to feel Gamzee's claws pierce his skin...but after he didn't feel anything for a few seconds, he opened his eyes to see that Dave had jumped in front of him.
Karkat yelled "DAVE!"
But, it was to late, gamzee had already cut Dave in the stomach. Making him bleed , Dave feel to his knees and Karkat held him in his arms. He laid Dave head on his lap and put his hand on Dave's cut. "Damn it, why did you do that! Dave, Dave listen to me!"
"I-I'm fine...at least it wasn't you..." Dave said, putting his hand over Karkat's and smiling weakly up at him.
"Dave, oh gog! Um...I'll get help! Just please, hold on!"
Karkat was practically in tears.
"Y-you still have to s-stop him..." Dave said, tilting his head towards Gamzee.
"Right, just lay here, please just...don't leave me!" He said holding Dave and tightly.
"I won't...I...promise..." Dave said, trying to look reassuring.
Karkat let go of Dave's hand and stood up. He grabbed his Sickle and gave Gamzee a stare that could kill!
"I...I'm going  to kill you!" He said in between sniffles.
"Atta boy..." Dave murmured, watching Karkat leap at Gamzee.
"AwW, KArkLeS, doN't bE sUcH a dOWneR..." Gamzee fake pouted, then snarled and raised his club.
Karkat growled and struck Gamzee with his sickle in the arm.
"OoH, yoU'rE FiErce WhEn yoU'Re mAd...AnD aLL I hAd tO dO waS hURt HiM..." Gamzee snickered, gesturing at Dave, then darted in and scratched Karkat on the neck. Karkat covered the scratch with his shirt and went back to fighting. He lunged and knocked gamzee's club out of his hand.
Gamzee let fear flicker in his eyes for a second as Karkat backed him defenseless into a corner, but he quickly hid it with a growl and a twisted grin.
"Gamzee, I Don't want to hurt you but what you did to all of our friends is...unforgivable!"
He said with tears in his eyes.
"I'd dO iT aLL aGaIn" Gamzee answered, looking hungrily at Karkat.
Karkat gulped and raised his sickle in the air and then stabbed Gamzee in the gut.
Karkat was shaking as purple blood spilled out his friend and onto his face and hand.
Gamzee shrieked as loud as he could, then slowly sank to the floor, staring up at Karkat with horror in his eyes.
Karkat took his sickle out of Gamzee and looked at him,crying. "I...I didn't want to do this, but ...but you gave me n-no choice."
He kneeled down and held Gamzee.
"I'm s-sorry..."
"nO yoU aRen'T..." Gamzee murmured as the life died from his eyes.
"Gam....? Gam, hey...please...please wake up...please...oh gog! I killed him...jegus no! Please!"
Karkat shook Gamzee but he was gone.
"h-hey karkat..?" Dave coughed from the corner.
Karkat let Gamzee go and went back to Dave. "Hey, how are you holding up?"
"I'm fine...are y-you okay?"
"Yeah...it's just that...everyone keeps dying on me!"
He said getting on the floor next to Dave.
"I'll try to not be one of those people..." Dave said, sliding his hand wet with red blood into Karkat's wet with purple one.
"Can you walk...or do I have to carry you out of this death trap?"
"Ugh, your hopeless" Karkat helped Dave walk my warping his arm around him and being his support.
"What would you do with out me..." "I'd probably be dead without you," Dave answered, leaning his head against Karkat's shoulder and smiling.
"Your a mess, where is Kanaya when you need her!"
He smiled back at Dave and looked at his wound. "Shit," he whispered to himself.
"I'll be fine...at l-least my shirts red so you can barely s-see the blood..." Dave said, trying to smile despite the pain.
"Ugh, let's just get out of here! It feels terrible!" They both stumbled out of the long and dark hallway.
Terezi was standing there with Kanaya and Rose.
"Oh, hey Lalonde," Dave said, giving her his signature cool kid smirk.
"Dave's hurt!" He said "oh my lord!" Kanaya said alarmed. "Dave...here lay him down...rose get the Med Kit!"
Karkat followed kanaya's orders and helped him lay down.
"I swear I'm f-fine..." Dave said, wincing in pain as Karkat's hand grazed his wound.
"No your not...this is all my fault! I shouldn't have let you follow me..."
Karkat said holding back tears.
"Better me than you," Dave said, taking a shaky breath and closing his eyes.
"Dave! Dave please...don't leave me!"
Karkat begged but Kanaya moved him out of the way as rose handed her the Med kit.
"I'll be fine...you're not getting rid of me this easy kitty cat..." Dave said, voice trailing away into a gasp of pain as Kanaya touched the cut.
---a few minute later--
"Okay well...you should be as good as new Dave, just keep the bandages on for a few days and don't pick at it!"
"So, is he gonna be okay?" Karkat said worried. "Yeah,he's fine"
"I told you I was fine...ow," Dave said, sitting up and grinning at Karkat.
Karkat half-way smiled and said "Dave...never scare me like that again,"
"I'll try not to," Dave smirked, then crawled over and hugged Karkat tightly.
Karkat hugged back and sniffled.
Dave sat up and hesitated for a second, then kissed Karkat on the mouth quickly.
Karkat blushed. He didn't know what to say, so he didn't say anything.
And at that very minute, Karkat smiled.
"Aw, you never smile..." Dave grinned, brushing Karkat's hair out of his eyes.
Karkat bit his lip and kisses Dave hard, holding nothing back.
Dave made a small noise of surprise and kissed back, wrapping his arms around Karkat's waist...until they were interrupted by a quiet 'ahem' from behind them. Rose was trying not to laugh, Kanaya was smirking slightly, Terezi was looking annoyed, and the mayor was jumping up and down and clapping.
Karkat stopped kissing and sat back on the floor wiping his mouth with his hand.
He blushed and sat in silence.
"We were wondering how long it would take you guys," Rose giggled.
"What is that supposed to mean...?" Dave tried to glare at her but ending up laughing.
Karkat started to blush harder when Kanaya said "that was...unexpected.."
"S-shut up..." Karkat said fidgeting.
Dave laughed and wrapped his arms around Karkat from behind, resting his chin on Karkat's shoulder.
Karkat arched his back a little in surprise but then relaxed.
He patted Dave's head and looked at Terezi.
Terezi was still glaring at them with all her might. "Hey cool kid. I thought you were mine."
"We've been over for like a month," Dave answered, blinking up at her.
Karkat started to feel a little uncomfortable.
"...anyway." Dave said, ignoring Terezi's glare and standing up, despite his being a little wobbly.
"I never would have guessed this would happen...you just don't seem like the person that would fall for Karkat, Dave.." Kanaya said trying not to laugh.
"I don't?" Dave asked, oblivious to Karkat's deep red blushing beside him. "Why do you say that?"
"Well, he his kind of grumpy and you seems like you would go for someone like...Terezi that is happy all the time.."
"Meh..." Dave shrugged. "He's sweet when he wants to be and...you didn't see what happened back there," he said, gesturing to the dark hallway.
"Dave! L-lets no talk not about that...INFACT why are we talking about each others romantic life...!" He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.
"Probably because we just kissed in front of them." Dave laughed, tugging Karkat to his feet.
Karkat stood up and looked at Terezi that wasn't to happy about their relationship.
Terezi just stuck her tongue out, then spun around and stalked off.
"You think she'll do something about us...?" Dave whispered to Karkat.
"No, she is fussy sometimes but, she'll get over it..."
"Good," Dave smiled, lacing his fingers with Karkat's.
"Dave...I...I love you...so much..." Karkat said nuzzling Dave.  
"I love you too," Dave smiled warmly. "...wanna come home with me?"
"Yes please!" Karkat said  eagerly.
Dave laughed and led Karkat away, waving goodbye to Kanaya and Rose.
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