Okay, so I am a attack on titan lover and I wanted to write a fanfic about it. So, I managed to write one and this fanfic is the following ship; Eren x levi Please write a comment and I'd appreciate it if they were no negative/mean ones

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I am sorry

After mikasa and levi saved Eren from the female titans mouth, levi said to himself "Damnit, you idiot! " "If you hadn't left him alone maybe this wouldnt have happened!?!" Yelled mikasa "He made his choice and--it was the RIGHT one...for a change. " "He looks up to you, he told me himself, and after what that Titan did to your squad memebers! You still let him go!" She said angry and a little confused. " I was not there when my troops were killed or when he turned into a Titan! I was with Erwin and his troops because he ordered me to come! It wasn't my choice whether to leave or stay! Orders are orders! Alright!" He paused for a minute...he knew this girl before ....but where?
The captain swung to the nearest branch and said " wait a second... you are his friend that he almost killed...! " " he didn't tried to kill me! He saved me... sir!" She said with her fist on her heart, giving him a stare that could kill! "Ugh, look rookie you may be his friend but I am his commander and if he doesn't follow my orders he will get turned over to the authorities! Or maybe instead of a trial again they might just--" " just what sir?" " just shoot him on sight! " mikasa gasped as she had a flashback
~ about the day they held the trial in the courthouse. She remembered that if it wasn't for Captain Levi and Erwin... he would be dead! But, she also had a traumatizing experience of seeing her childhood friend being beaten up! She would never forgive herself if that ever happens again! Eren's mother said to her today she was devoured by a Titan to protect her loving son! She was going to carry out her dying wish forever! * end of flashback*
"Hey soldier! Stop daydreaming and pick up the pace!" Demanded Levi. " Right!" She answered. She stared at Eren from under Levi's arm! She couldn't help feeling that it was her fault! She looked down as her lines were swinging from tree to tree! Levi looked over and saw how sad she was and he said in a soft calm voice " look we are almost to headquarters now. We can fix him up there alright?" Mikasa sniffled and nodded her head.
When they got to HQ the two of them were created by Armin and sasha (potato girl). They raised the gate in the road into the stables in jumped off there horses! Armin asked mikasa what had happened and why they didn't retreat at the Green Smoke flare! But she didn't have to tell him anything because her eyes told the story for her. Levi carried Eren in his arms to the hospital room on the second floor. The nurses handled to his cuts and bruises.
Meanwhile Armin was trying to talk some sense into me mikasa. " what do you mean-- captain Levi saved you from the female Titan! You were supposed to come back with the others!" " I had no choice Armin, I knew that  Eren  was in danger and I had to flee to his will." " but did you make it before he was swallowed?!?" " No..." she said as she lowered her head. " I didn't make it in time but I did blind it and cut it calf muscle so it couldn't walk. Shortly after that captain showed up." " do you think that he showed up because he thought Eren was in danger too? " " I haven't the faintest clue?"
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Cool story
on March 18, 2017