I will protect you

I will protect you

This is a supernatural Destiel fanfic. It is so fluffy and cute! I absolutely loved writing this! I hope you enjoy. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‹

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I will never let you get hurt, again

I will never let you get hurt, again

Dean came stumbling into there hotel room and found Cass messing with the coffee maker. Cass turned toward the door and saw Dean all beat up. "Dean!" He rushed to his side. "What happened? Did you kill the Demond?" "Jesus Cass! That damn Demond was sent back to hell but,I had some trouble for a while..." He coughed into his hand and there was blood. Cass quickly said "Dean, you need a doctor!" "I don't! That always happens" "you always cough up blood?" "Yes, no....sometimes..."
Cass gave Dean a confused look but then smiled. He swiftly picked Dean up and walked slowly to deans room. "Castiel! What the hell! Where are you taking me! Down! Cass down!" Dean squirmed around in the angels arms.

He finally let Dean down and laid him down on the bed. "Stay here!" The angel flew to the kitchen and back in a matter of seconds. Dean blinked and saw Cass with a Med Kit and some Pie. "Apple pie, your favorite...right?" "Oh pie! Yes please...." Dean reached for the pie but Cass pushed it away.  "In a little while...promise..." Dean made a face but, he trusted Cass and mostly all the angels. "What are you doing?" Asked Dean while the Angel rummaged through the small box.

"I'm going to fix you..." "But Cass, your not a doctor..." "Yes I am, well...I have always wanted to be..."
"Really?" "Yeah, I know it sounds stupid but looking down at you all,all day you learn a lot..." Cass took out a stethoscope and turn the two ends in his ears. He leaned closer to Dean and placed the small circle on his chest. "Cass,you know that my heart is on the other part of my body..." "Oh, right..." Cass Sat on the bed next to Dean and reached over but lost his balance and feel on top of Dean. "Cass!" Dean quickly grabbed onto the Angels waist and held him tightly. "Are you okay ?" "Yeah, quick thinking." Dean bit his lip and quickly kisses Castiel.

"W-what did you just do?" Dean blushed and laughed. "You bitches up there don't know what a kiss is?! That's hilarious!" "A kiss?" "When two peoples lips touch..." "Oh, and am I supposed to reject a kiss?" "Well, it depends if you love that person...please do not tell me you don't know what love it?" "I know what love is! I have to deal with Cupid" Cass kissed Dean deeply. "Hmm..." Dean moved his hand onto Cass's waist and the other onto his back. He ran his fingers through Dean's hair and placed his other hand on the pillow.

Cass pulled away for air but Dean wouldn't let him. "Dean, please..." "You can't escape that easily" Dean pushed his tongue into the others mouth. "Ahh!" Cass moaned and gripped the pillow tightly. When Dean let his guard down, He acted quickly and did the same to Dean. Cass kissed up and down Dean's neck making him moan. "F-f**k, Cass!" The angel slowly bit down and sucked. "Oh! Hmm!" Dean held Cass closely and griped onto his Dirty Trench Coat. Castiel pulled away and sat up straight. "Are you okay?" Dean panted and said "I-I'm fine..." Deans cuts and bruises all over had gone away.  

"What did you do? My cuts...they are gone!" "Well,while I was kissing you I...healed you too..." "Wow,Angels are magical!" Cass rolled his eyes and picked up the plate of pie. "I promised and, I don't break my promises" Dean smiled and hugged Cass. "I thought you wanted the pie ?" "I do but, I want you too..." "How bout you eat both?" "C-Cass, do you understand what you just said?" "Yeah, I think..." "Haha, oh well...I will eat you in bed anytime. Just knock." "In bed? Oh....OH!!" Cass face palmed and groaned. Dean laughed so hard he started to cry. "Damn Cass, you need to learn a lot."
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