One dramatic visit

One dramatic visit

I wrote this with my friend while we were bored on a Friday night and thought let's write a Bad Touch Trio fan fiction! So...this is what we did! OH MY GOSH! Well..enjoy! Warning: LANGUAGE PLEASE!

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The visit

One day, France and Prussia decided to pay Spain visit. It's was a long drive so they talked to ease there boredom. "Hey, you thing Spain will care if we just show know, uninvited?" "Meh, probably not. I show up randomly at your house all the time and you don't care," France answered, shrugging nonchalantly.   "Well...yeah but...Spain is a little more uptight. I mean...he just finished playing a big role in a war." Prussia said looking out the window. "He won't be mad...and even if he is, he won't stay that way for long. I'm sure of it...stop worrying, mon cheré."
"...I hate it when you speak in French! Half the time I don't know what you are saying...! probably usual." Prussia smiled and then saw a sigh that said 'welcome to Spain'. "Well, what do you know...we are here already!"
"That was fast...and maybe you should learn French then, c'est facile," France replied, smiling to himself.
"WHAT THE HELL DO THAT EVEN MEAN!" Prussia yelled angrily! " least Spain doesn't speak Spanish around me..."  He said as he pouted.
Both of them got out of the car and knocked on the door. But there was no answer. "'s us...The Great and Mighty Prussia! ...and France."
France glared at Prussia, then shoved him out of the way. "Your favorite brother is here...Espania let us in please!"
"Ugh...he isn't here! And we drove all the way here!" Prussia complained.
"Maybe he is here, and just asleep or something," France suggested.
Suddenly they heard a load scream that came from the back of Spain's house.
"I suggest we go in," France said, glancing to Prussia for approval.
"Yeah...! That scream could be Spain!"
They bursted into the house and headed for the back door.
"Spain!" They both shouted. But there was no answer. "France, the back's open! Maybe he is in the grape Vineyard?"
"You go first," France said, trying to hide his worry.
Spain started to walk up to both of them and then fell to the ground. His clothes where all dirty and his hair was messed up.
"Espania!" France yelled and ran to his younger brother's side. Ca vá? Was that you who screamed?"
"Yeah, that bastard, England attacked me! Of course I fought back and this is what happened." Spain said kind of tired. "Damn, he beat you up good!" Prussia snickered "yeah, well you should see what I did to him. " Spain smiled at Prussia and then said to France. "I'm fine Francia! Usted no necesita preocuparse por mí. "
France sighed quietly. "Je suis toujours inquiet. About you and him equally."
"France, I'm gonna go change...oh by the way...why are you both here?"
"Because we were bored and decided to show up uninvited," Prussia said bluntly. France smiled and nodded.
"It was kind of spontaneous," France shrugged, helping Spain up.
"I'm gonna go change my clothes... I'll be right back." Spain said
"Alright, we will wait right here..." Prussia said with a devilish smile.
"What are you making that face for?" France asked as soon as Spain was out of earshot.
"You know you want to see him...changing!"
"Prussia," France glared at Prussia warningly.
"Let's go! Or we'll miss it!" Prussia said holding France's hand while running up the stairs.
"I didn't agree to this!" France whined, but let himself be dragged up the stairs by Prussia.
"Come on!" They both peaked thought the creak. While Spain was taking off his shirt.
France sighed and tried to move away, he knew Spain would be furious if they got caught. But still...
He then started to take off his pants. "Ohhh! It's about to get good!" Prussia said
"Why do I ever listen to you?" France whispered, but smirked and kept his blue gaze on Spain.
Spain looked over and saw both of them.
"I told you this was a bad idea!" France exclaimed, shoving Prussia with his shoulder.
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING! How long have you been starring!!?" Spain said with his shirt still off.  His was mostly looking at his 'big' brother.
"Don't look at was his idea," France said, nudging Prussia and turning slightly red.
"Still! I can expect this from Prussia! He was always a Peeping Tom!" Spain said getting mad.
"Hey what is that supposed to mean?"  
"I can't believe that you would do this France!"
"Sorry," France replied, but he didn't look all that sorry.
Spain slammed the door shut and finished getting dressed.
"Damn...what's his problem..?" Prussia said
" I don't know why....doesn't he know that I do it all the time...I mean...sometimes..." " spy on him all the time??" France asked incredulously.
"And...I wasn't invited?"
"...I didn't know you were so INTERESTED?" Prussia said.
Spain opened the door with tears in his eyes. He couldn't believe that his own brother would do this.
"Spain, are you crying?" France asked, looking up from Prussia.
"N-no....I just...*sob*..." Spain couldn't even say anything!
"Prussia...I don't think he knows," France said, glancing worriedly at Spain.
"Know what..." Spain said trying to hold back tears. But, he couldn't!
"I...uh...Prussia...spys on you all the time," France answered, wincing and looking at Prussia.
That last sentence broke Spain's heart! He fell to his knees and then the tears really started to come out!
France's gaze softened and he reached for Spain's arm. "We're sorry...and we'll never do it again," France said with a sharp glance at Prussia.
"F-France.......Pr-Prussia....I.....I....c-can' was I so blind....I saw the cameras....why didn't I turn them off....why did I...." Spain finally said what was on his mind.     "I HATE THIS! I HATE YOU!"
"This is so your fault," France said, looking pointedly at Prussia.
"What the hell! You said you wanted to join in!  I wasn't that only one!Denmark helped...a little...and Japan" Prussia said nervously.  
"Has this been a thing?? Spying on Spain? And no one told me?" France asked incredulously.
Spain cried even loader.
"Yeah...well no....Denmark really started after they broke up...and when Romano started to like Spain....we got curious..."
"I can't decide if this is amazing or horrifying," France said, watching Spain with a slightly shocked expression.
"France........." Spain mumbled as he wiped away his tears.
"Mm?" France answered, momentarily distracted from Prussia.
Spain stood up and turned toward France still looking down.
"What is it?" France asked, looking worried.
" your an ASSHOLE!" Spain yelled as he smacked France. And then turned to Prussia and did the same thing!
"le odio Francia ... pero aún te amo ...." He smiled and hugged his brother.
France laughed and hugged back. "Je vous déteste aussi ... et je t'aime."
Spain smiled and kissed fancies forehead.
The two of the laughed and France said "you really should try to learn French AND Spanish!"
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