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On Spirit's Wings
She has no memory of who she is. No recollection of any family, who she was, or where she is. All she remembers are whispers, rumors of a nameless danger, a fear that is killing her entire species - and that she was sent to des...
39 reads 18 readers 17 by Adderstar
Funny Things to Do In an Elevator
Have you ever gone into an elevator? Here are some things that can make your ride more interesting!
102 reads 71 readers 27 by dezzylarson
Funny Things to Do in Wal Mart
Next time you go to Wal Mart, go ahead and try these things out. Their fun.
79 reads 54 readers 31 by dezzylarson
Dumb Questions to Ask
You know how when a speaker finishes his speech and he always asks if there are any questions? Here you go Mr. Speaker.
55 reads 40 readers 20 profile storyby dezzylarson