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A Haunted Night
A story for Harry.Loves.Me... It was supposed to be a michael jackson story... But i made a few twists... I hope you all like it.
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How about Nialldo's? ~ A Niall Horan and 1D Fan-fic ~
I'm just obsessed with Niall from 1D, I'm not exactly a fan girl or anything, but I just like Niall and his personality, his accent and so I decided to write a fan-fiction. Sorry if this is a bit stupid, but I just felt like wr...
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High school sweethearts
What happens when a very important somebody shows up at a concert? Will Louis be in pain or will he be glad?
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Live While We Young (1)
When Gisselle, Ally, Ainsley, Madison and Danielle go to a beach house for summer vacation, but meet One Direction. Will this be their best summer ever? or not? Sorry for the Michael Jackson pic.
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Heart away
I wrote This song for Mj and I love him Hope you like him too and I dont want see rude things about him in comments
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Are YOU Against Bullying
Read if you care, have been bullied or are a bully.Well, this topic has been going around at school. So I decided to make a short story about it.
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Narutos Wish
Naruto was running away from a mob of villagers. He didn't know why, but every October 10th, he was chased, and sometime, he was beat. But that happened rarely nowadays. He was able to hone his stealth, and now he can sneak eve...
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Halo (Oneshot for Harry.Loves.Me)
A Michael Jackson oneshot for Harry.Loves.Me. Hope you like it, it may not be my best work, but here it is.
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Just Breathe (Part 2) (1)
This is a short second part of my Just Breathe story hope you like it. Please comment,rate, add to favorites and star. THANKZ, Love ya Jenny Check
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Just Breathe
Just Breathe is a story i'm starting, sorry if it is not in chapters but segments and please excuse my punctuation, spelling etc. Please rate, comment, star and post what you think.
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I wish...
This is a song I wrote about a person that has lost her love and everything she had in life and now the only ambition that is left for her is to die.
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Dear Diary
After thirty years of Ashley's death, someone moves into her old house and finds bit and pieces of burnt pages from an old diary; Ashley's diary.
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Misunderstood (House Of Night)
This is a fanfiction I wrote about House of Night. It takes place between Books 9 and 10.
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Friendship or more? (Niall Horan Love Story)
The title tells all. I'm going to try to make this very suspenseful, and I am apologizing in advance if I fail miserably. This is dedicated to my friend, officalmrshoran. I hope you like it.
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