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Whens your birthday?
I don't want to miss anyones birhtday so if you put yours in this page I won't forget. I might send you a happy birhtday wish or a nice picture ^.^
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fans of the vocaloids and rasplay
OMG!im a fan of her!shes my fave vocaloid and i love her songs!here u can rasplay and talk about the vocaloids and there songs!:D
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Yep, since my other one was deleted (thanks to my little sister) SO I'M MAKING A NEW ONE!! So yea, you can Roleplay anything here. BUT THEIR ARE RULES!!!! 1. no sexual stuuf (that's kinda nasty but you can kiss or whatever) 2.I...
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Official RBR page!
Hey RBR's... Welcome to the official RBR page! We've been waiting for pages FOR AGES and now they've finally come! C'mon RBR's... join, join, join!!
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ever after high (1)
no boys allowed girls if you love ever after high join me i only need 3 more dolls till i complete my regular collection
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Ariana Grande Fan Club (AGFC)
This is the club for all things Ariana Grande!!! The only rules are 1. this is a FAN CLUB no haters 2. be nice 3. only for Arianators! anybody can be a member!
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The spongebob page
This is the spongebob fan page, we can talk about episodes and do whatever we want! (No fighting, seriously.)
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Story Co-Writers
This page is for EvilAngel1490, LittleMixerArianator, ChoklatLover, and me! So, if you're not them, please don't request a membership. Thanks!
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1D RP Page
Here you can RP about 1D in the talk room. Have fun! And request a membership
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the diamond page
I love diamonds. diamonds are a girl's best friend! do you like diamonds?
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Kristen Stewart Page
Everything you see on this page is all about Kristen Stewart. It's gonna be awesome and amazing!!!
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1 Band.5 Boys.
This page is all about One Direction. If you like them this is THE page where you comment on your fave member, info you wanna share and basic 1D is hot stuff! Don't be shy be.... 0_0 I have got to come up with that ending.... H...
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cool peeps
Everything one is cool in there own way so join now XDD so just be you
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Club for twilight fans only!! SO IF YOU ARE A TWILIGHT FAN DON'T FORGET TO JOIN!!!
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Sophisticated Vocabulary Media
My best friend Amanda thinks I always use "big words," so I created this page as a sort of "guide" for those of us who did not naturally acquire a sophisticated vocabulary index built into their brains. Anyway, I hope that by c...
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A page for XXxSilentHopexXX!
so alice101 was being a jerk and made a page called stephaine is a loser. well i wanted to make a page for stephaine. she told us she was going to collage to become and writer. if you're a bully to XXxSilentHopexXX dont even bo...
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The Official RBR page!
This is where ALL RBR's chat and NO HATERS at all are allowed on it!!! ZERO!! So yeah...A list of the RBRs, please comment if for some reason your name is not on here! Clove Potterpox HermioneSJM DJearworm Grace123 Earth707 T...
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All off my shout outs!!
Um this a page for everything that has been Going on on qfeast. And all of my friends. Um And I REALLY Hope you enjoy it. Thanks, Sabrina vaz
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the monster high club
well u get to talk about monster high we can trade dolls we can trade movies to borrow and dolls to borrow
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The Official Qfeast Welcoming Committee!
Hello... this is the Official Qfeast Welcoming Comittee. If you are new on Qfeast, and you need help, this page is for you! If you are not new on Qfeast, but would like to help and welcome new Qfeasters, this page is also for y...
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