A Haunted Night

A Haunted Night

A story for Harry.Loves.Me... It was supposed to be a michael jackson story... But i made a few twists... I hope you all like it.

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Chapter 1.

Day 1

It was a dark and stormy night. Ally had awoke from a terrifying nightmare. She was staying in a hotel in Los Angeles, California. The hotel was the last hotel Michael Jackson was before he died. That was the whole reason she was there.
Ally had been a paranormal investigator for two years now, and when she heard that her pop icon had passed, she wasted no time going to find the ghost of her idol.
Ally was not scared, she had investigated Bobby Mackey's Music World in Kentuckey just three days before. She was ready for this.
With her was her one partner, Michelle. Michelle had joined Ally just a few months ago in investigating the paranormal.
"Ok," Ally said. "According to the hotel records, Micheal came here very oftem before he died. So lets do an EVP session."
"Alright," Michelle said.
Ally got an evp recorder and asked "Are you here, Michael?... If you are here Michael, please give us a sign."
Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps. Ally ran towards them. No one was in sight.
"There isnt anyone there," Michelle said. "Lets play back the recording."
They played back the recording and there was a male voice that said "Thriller."
Ally smiled as wide as she could.
"Now we dont know it is him yet, Ally," Michelle said. "Lets continue more tomarrow. We can get some items to help out and stuff."
"Ok," Ally said.
So they called it a quit for that day... they would continue later... and they had no idea what they were in for as the 10 day investigation went on
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