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My page for my best friend Stephanie
This is a page dedicated to my best friend and future wife ;) lol... Stephanie A.K.A XXxSilentHopexXX, has made a huge impact in my life. Im happier, im more talkative... She is like a guardian angel sent from heaven. She is th...
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My Page for Bella :)
This is a page dedicated to my one and only Bella. This page is for the greatest person in my life...
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The Fan page of Harald and Dave
This is a page for the series i am doing called "Harald and Dave". On this page, anyone who likes the series may join. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions on how i can make the series better, feel free to do so. If ...
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First Encounter Assault Recon (F.E.A.R.)
This is a page about the creepy as hell game series called F.E.A.R. it is hard to explain what this series is about as i am still trying to deal with it... i know it is about a scary little girl named Alma Wade who has dark psy...
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Jack Voorhees: Son of Jason
This is a page for my next story "Friday the 13th: Son of Jason" It is about Jack Harper and how he becomes Jack Voorhees. I am not going to reviel alot at all... just join this page if you are interested
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The Zombie Apocolypse
This page is about the zombie apocolypse... those who are waiting for it can join this page... those who think its all crap can stay off... the people on this page will talk about the zombie apocolypse
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The Blog page of WWEChampion20
basically im going to use this page for speaking my mind about anything and everything... if you like it, good... if not... then go to hell
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