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I need more rep points
A sequel to "Rep Points". Whee I need words for a lengthy description. Plus an announcement!
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Not You
Writing this with candy flavored Kool-Aid and spaghetti with a nice pair of sleep deprivation lETS GO. (For the story contest from Brea- the second prompt) NOTE: PRETTY GOREY AND ABUSE SO BE WARNED.
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Rep points
Based of bleshou’s story because I wanted to be cool. I need rep points and I need to express my rage
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Lungs of Ink
Two siblings, one named Samantha, the other being Johnathan. Both are fighting for something, a cure to Samantha's illness. William Bedford is a writer, a quite famous one. It all fell when he lost his wife and daughter to ...
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Here's a depressing Hamilton blurb
I need to stop being obsessed. I think everyone's done with me spamming with depressing Hamilton stuff. I'm probably going to forget to contenue this if I decide to contenue this.
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The Written Hearts
(Content warning: Drug use, anorexia, bullemia, domestic abuse, self-harm, and suicidal tendancies. Not the most cheerful story, but it's something.) Soulmates are a conplicated thing in this world, and you find hints as of wh...
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Burning secrets
(Warning: Uses of violence, self harm, bullying, and abuse. Cliché most of the time, but not entirley) Forestwood Highschool was a really good school- even the popular kids were slight nerds. Until 2 new kids- Victor and Jann...
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Catching Roses
Jessica Holister is probably one of the smartest in the world- nicknamed by the media "Sherlock Holmes", with her identity remaining a secret. And her past, what she thought became gone, was back.
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(Based off a true story) Christine is a highschooler who is bullied every day. Taunts, papers on her locker, messages, and has a tendancy to be a scapegoat. However, she doesn't do anything about it- she keeps them.
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Problems with society
Yeah, we all do. But I have MAJOR problems with socioty that gets me ferious. So, might as well right them down to pass the time
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Problems with Mary Sues
Yep. You heard. The dreaded mary- or Gary- sues. However, its not as simple as it seems. Now, this isnt about why everyone hates them. Im going to take trats from the steryotypes and break them down.
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Things I do and why
Hey! So I have things I do that take a while to be explained. Instaid of repeating it, why not put it here? So enjoy!
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Alice in Cyberland
Yes. Another Alice in Wonderland fanfic, but it's different. After a cyborg named Phoenix goes into Wonderland, she realizes how different this one is from the origonal. The queen and Alice are dead , with the prince gone. Peo...
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If we met- Qfeast Club
Well, here we go. Basically, this came with an idea. "What if we met? You know, qfeasters. And we were all in the same school. That would be cool." So, here we go.
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Problems in my fandom- Undertale
Hello! So, I've got thinking. "There's problems in every fandom, why not do mine?" I had pondered in 5 minutes. So, the quickest growing one: Undertale. So, let's go!
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High school nightmare
bella Acqua is a 15 year old trying to survive- abusive brother, father ran away, mom to focused on her show, Aspergers, and everyone hates her, and a new high school now. Until the most popular guy ends up helping her in her n...
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Demon's hour- short horror story!
First horror story I've made! Enjoy..! Basically a near-death experience from ghosts. True event.. No joke!
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Well... I'm just here writing songs. I'm just gonna write some songs based off some topics I'm given... Soo... Enjoy!
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Broken games- book 1: Chess.
Rosalyn was a normal girl- except she had no memories of her past. From what the other people in wonderland are saying, she suspects she's from the "normal world"- and someone in the prophecy they speak of. Ace is the prince o...
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