Lungs of Ink

Lungs of Ink

Two siblings, one named Samantha, the other being Johnathan. Both are fighting for something, a cure to Samantha's illness. William Bedford is a writer, a quite famous one. It all fell when he lost his wife and daughter to that same illness. So rare, and so deadly. Ever sense, he's been struggling . When these two paths collide, there may be some hope after all. (This story involves sensitive content, the warnings will be at the beginning of the chapter)

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Chapter 1.

The beginning.

~Johnathan's POV~
(I guess this needs a tw- fatal [?] illness)
"There's been a new disease on the rise, and there has been no id-". Instantly, I turned off the T.V hearing those words.  Two victims.  Twelve other known cases.  Not contagious, as far as we know.  It takes root in the victims lungs, and they cough up this mysterious black liquid daily until they die.  Only one known cure, and it's either too expensive or too deadly to get.  
My little sister Samantha has had it sense she was seven.  She's now twelve.  Mature for her age, but still has those childish manners occasionally.  She's given up talking, and now carries a large notebook of responses, stories, and such.
My little sister now only talks when the fits of coughing come.  Once a day, she suffers and whines in pain,  like clockwork.  She always just whimpers a small "Let me go" repeatedly.  Whoever she's saying that to, I hope to God it isn't me.
"Sammy, are you ready for meeting-"
My sister with a four year age gap with me ran down stairs, her black ringlets bobbing with her steps, giving me a small smile, nodding, holding a small bag and having a backpack on her.  She was wearing a pastelle pink shirt, a black skirt that went down to her knees that was a bit poofy, and tennis shoes.  No makeup on, as usual.  She didn't like having to wipe off the makeup anyway, and, she knew that it'd be a waste of time.
"I guess so.  C'mon."  I grabbed her hand and began walking to the area.
About monthly, a group of celebrities that were all relatives would go and visit this small town we live in, their home town, just to interact with the people.  Sammy and I both had wanted to meet them.  She specifically wanted to meet William Bedford.  She was a huge fan of his books, and wanted to be a writer herself.
Me?  I wanted to meet the other three.  Connie is a talented voice actress, Agatha's in one of my favorite crime shows, and I idolize Samuel's art.  I'm an artist myself, so getting praised by him will make my day.
We began walking around, the streets being crowded.  Sure enough, the four siblings were there.  Blonder than a Heather and seeming to be in good spirits.
Of course, Samantha began running to them, getting a book of William's out.    "Sammy, come back..!"  I shouted, running to her.  But, William was already talking to her.  She was writing her responses down, and he signed the book.  Instinctively, I grabbed her and knelt next to her.  "Sammy, you can't run off like that.  Specially with the-"
Oh no, not again.
Instantly, you could see the fear in all three of us.  The other three of William's siblings were separated by the crowd.  She instantly began to cough, covering her mouth, but I already knew what was happening.  I wrapped my sister into my arms, picking her up.  She began repeating those three words, her little "Let me go."  as she wrapped her arms around my neck, holding on tightly.
Everything else was a blur, it always happens after that.  Me comforting my little sister, who is paling and getting a bit weaker each day.  Someone helping, or at least trying to, help out.
I just don't remember going to William's house after that.
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