Alice in Cyberland

Alice in Cyberland

Yes. Another Alice in Wonderland fanfic, but it's different. After a cyborg named Phoenix goes into Wonderland, she realizes how different this one is from the origonal. The queen and Alice are dead , with the prince gone. People are in a battle for control, and everything is... advanced. And she joins one group to get things back in order.

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Chapter 1.

Prolauge (some significance)

Alice had stepped into the room, a crowd swarming her. Jury and the queen were all there, standing gloriously with power and corruption.

She had been forced to step into the victims stand.

All questions were now ignored, Alice fighting for her mind back into control.

And loosing.

The questions all stopped, and Alice looked up, an evil smirk on her face. "So what if I ate your damn tarts? Nobody cares a anyway. You're just a queen with extreme sociopathic tendencies and bipolar disorder. Becides, if you really want revenge, don't cut their heads off." She smiled. Honestly, the first sign she was loosing her mind. She would have never said such a thing, she knew better. But it was going. Manners first.

There was no cake left for her this time.

People were running too her, and somewhere a knife was pulled from Alice's pocket (that should have been used long earlier, but it looks brand new)

But she had lost to be pulled away. Head was gone.

And so was the queens, her head on a silver platter and laying like a body in a coffin on her bed the next morning, the silver platter with a note reading "Off with her head." No signature.

And the prince disappeared.
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I would read this every minute if I could read that fast... Lol I love this story
12 days ago
12 days ago