Burning secrets

(Warning: Uses of violence, self harm, bullying, and abuse. Clichรฉ most of the time, but not entirley) Forestwood Highschool was a really good school- even the popular kids were slight nerds. Until 2 new kids- Victor and Jannet move in, things seem slightly mysterious.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1- Victor's POV

  "VIC, WAKE UP! I heard in the kitchen, making me sigh as I sat up to face myself in the mirror.  My blonde, short messy hair was coverinv my face and my chest was slightly bulgy.  I sighed, stood, and got dressed, then looked at myself in the mirror, with the chest binders on.  Needed to fix my hair, but that's alright.
  Walking down stairs, most people would be petrified be seen as trans in front of my parents.  To be honest, I still am.  I'm lucky enough that, even though my parents dislike it and believe it's a sin, they were supportive enough to give me the hormone doses and surgery in the genital regons. The chest binder they made me pay for myself.  
  "What took you so long?"  My mother growled, making me sigh.  "At our old school, today would have been a holiday, so my alarm wasn't set.  Still havent adapted." I responded.
  My blonde mother in her pencil skirt and blouse sighed, walking to me.  "That, I'll let slide.   You still need to brush your hair, though." She responded.
  I nodded, grabbed my pancake, then went back upstairs to brush my hair.
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