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H A T E At First Sight
Sophie has always been good with technology, and especially- GAMES. But when she actually beats a game she wasn't supposed to beat, things take a turn to the worst then to the best. But is it possible that her new archenemy can...
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Lost Memories
Eugene is an average 13-year old who just moved into the neighborhood, but when he finds a secret door that leads him into a storybook world, he finds that things are not always what they seem...((Okay, so this is basically my ...
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Ask Fruits Basket!
If you don't know this anime, search it up and watch it or borrow it from the library! As for all of you who do know this series, please ask(or dare) away!
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From the Dead(Inspiration from a movie)
Lauren Maldore is on the verge of being dead. A year ago, she was driving with her parents until a truck hit them. She was the only one who survived but now suffers from a deep, long coma. Many people have forgotten this. They ...
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The Book of Qfeast People
This is a story dedicated to telling facts about the people of Qfeast! This is a good way to get to know others!
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Top 10 Creepypastas (In MY opinion!)
Basically what the title really says and I don't really need to say anything besides that.
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This is Kelly's Story
For all people who read "The Red-Ribboned Killer", this is pretty much the backstory of the first character my OC Sophia has met, which is a human instead of a creepypasta...
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The Red-Ribboned Killer
Apparently, once I put in completed for my other story, I can't change it back so I can add another chapter. Hope you like it!(Picture almost has nothing to do with her appearance. She has long dark brown hair but kept in a pon...
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Ask the Creepypasta Gang!
Ask questions or dare the creepypasta gang from my story! If you haven't read my story yet, you should probably read it now.
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Choose Your Fate!
Me and my cousin just decided to do this. The following contains scenes that probably/never happen in real life. Anyways, me and my cousin decided to do this story because last summer my cousin was planning to create an RPG hor...
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How I Met the Creepypasta Gang
The following contains fanfiction, and probably murder when the right time comes. Word from the author: I guess I started doing these series because I wondered what would it be like if I had met the creepypasta gang. Please sug...
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