Lost Memories

Lost Memories

Eugene is an average 13-year old who just moved into the neighborhood, but when he finds a secret door that leads him into a storybook world, he finds that things are not always what they seem...((Okay, so this is basically my crossover of Coraline, all the Disney princesses, and a game called Alice Mare(search it up). Just letting you know, Eugene isn't the main character; he's only the main character in a couple of chapters. And to add on, this story is not ENTIRELY the same as what happened in all those Disney princess movies but it's alike to the original tales before they were Disney-fied. Kinda like a mix between the Disney and the original- You know what, enough of my rant and let's get on with the story I made up.))

published on July 27, 201520 reads 8 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


"Looks like we already collected most of the princesses, my dear~"
"Seems like it, yes, but all we need now is Prince Charming..."
"Now how are we going to get him?"
"Just let your brother take care of that for us, and soon after we collected them all, our world is complete- Speaking of princes, here he comes!"

A boy by the age of 13 comes out of a small door, his pajamas and slippers spotted with cobwebs. He closed the door behind him, shoving a key inside his pocket and then stood up. He rubbed his eyes.
"...A palace?"
He then looked up.
"Who are you guys...?"

"Welcome to your new home, Eugene."
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