This is Kelly's Story

This is Kelly's Story

For all people who read "The Red-Ribboned Killer", this is pretty much the backstory of the first character my OC Sophia has met, which is a human instead of a creepypasta...

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Chapter 1.

My past

Hello! You might know me from Sophie's story! (You know, the girl who was originally named Sally who was abused by her...) Well, this my story before I met the creepypastas. Besides, I'm 12 right now.

~6 years ago~
Mommy died a few days ago. Daddy is really sad right now because he's drinking a liquid which makes him crazy. Without Mommy, I can't ever go outside my room because I'm afraid that I will get hit by Daddy again. I don't even know if Daddy is in right mind now. What I hate the most is that I can't be safe anywhere. There were some days Daddy would just barge into my room and hit me for no reason. I can't tell anyone at school because I'm afraid they'll take Daddy away from me and I will have to stay in the orphanage. I wish Mommy was here now. It used to be happy here at home. Mommy would wait for me to come back from school and I would talk about my day. She would cook me delicious food, and make me very happy. Now, Daddy doesn't even cook me food. I have to rely on the food from the cafeteria.
~5 years ago~
Daddy's hits have become more and more harder. The teachers have been worried about me because they notice I have a lot of cuts and bruises but I told them it's because I go to the woods often and I keep falling over there. Before I go home, I would walk into the woods to let my mind loose. I would also go to the lake but not much because I had a feeling I was being watched. After I go home though, I would have to be super quiet so as not to wake up Daddy from his sleep. Otherwise, he'll beat me even harder
~4 years ago~
Daddy punches have been a bit weaker, but it still hurts. I'm always alone at school for no reason. My classmates only talk to me either about what's happening at home or for homework. I wish I had my nice family back. Looking at my classmates and seeing them happy, it makes me sad inside. I would burst out crying sometimes, but no one pays attention. I still go to the woods, but I stopped going to the lake. The lake makes me have an uneasy feeling like if I stay there too long, I won't ever come back home.
~3 years ago~
Daddy has become a lot stronger. He still beats me senseless. I've talked to one girl at school. Her name is Sophia. She always has a bright smile on her face. Last year, she was gone for a long time but now she goes regularly here. She told me about how her mom is the only parent she has and that she has no memory of her dad but wished she did. But when she said that wish, a part of her was sad. When she said that, I noticed that her smile wasn't that bright and eyes went a bit dull for a while. She's such a nice person, I wish that we can be sisters so we can always never be lonely. But, if that happened, I guess Daddy will beat her too.
~2 years ago~
Daddy has stopped coming to my room now. There are now very rare times where he would beat me. Instead, in the dead of night, he would bring women in his house with a smile on his face. I thought that he's happy and now that I'm getting a new Mommy, everything will be okay. But it wasn't. I hear screams upstairs. Every time I go to the kitchen now, I see all the knives are covered in blood. I guess every hope has a downer. Sophia still talks to me. She's still cheerful as ever. But now, I'm scared for her. If she met my Daddy, will she be beaten too or worse? I don't that to happen to her. I think I should stop hanging around her. I'm sorry Sophia, but I don't want you to feel the hurt I get or maybe even worse.
~1 year ago~
Daddy stopped bringing women here but now he beats me even harder. It's like he's trying to kill a bear. I'm even lucky that I survived. Sophia isn't really happy now. She sits alone in class and I always see a bunch of people crowd her and snicker. It's sad to see that happen to her. What did she do wrong? She never done anything to you, so why should you pick on her so? It's and Daddy. Daddy beats me senseless but I've never done anything to him. So why should you beat me? You never done that when Mommy was alive, so why now? I want to escape from here. I want to escape from here. I want to escape from here.
I finally did it. I ran away from home. I hid in one of the trees in the forest that I used to go to when I was little. After a while, I noticed Daddy was looking for me. Does Daddy miss me? Will he stop now? I was about to climb down but he yelled something that made me traumatized forever.
???: Sally! Where are you?! I need my punching bag back! I don't care whether you're dead or not, but I need you for my punches! Hahahaha!
Daddy really meant that? Was I only needed from Daddy just to serve as his personal punching bag? I hate him. Mommy, I wish you were still alive. Otherwise, everything will be alright. For a few days, I spent running away from Daddy. Sometimes, I thought that he had given up, but only to keep searching for me a while later. I couldn't go to school now. They might call him to pick me up and I would be dead for sure. I only relied on the berries near the lake. That same uneasy feeling every time I go near the lake is still there. I always feel like something is watching me. There was even one time when I saw orange goggles behind the trees, but when I went to go check on it, it disappeared. I ran into Daddy again. He looks so ugly now and has stains all over his clothes.
???: I found you! Hahahaha!
I ran away from him as fast as I could. I'm glad he runs so slow. After a while, I stopped running, crouched down, and gripped my legs. Is this going to be a never ending nightmare? I want it to stop! I soon heard Daddy's voice in the woods, but he was talking to someone else, it seemed. He's probably realizing that he needs help finding me, that idiot. Well, I want this nightmare to stop, so do your worst. I soon later heard a yell from Daddy. Maybe his plan backfired? I should just stay here. Another while later, I saw Sophia again. She's not that bright anymore. Her eyes are a bit dull now, but she still looks a bit happy.
Sophia: Come with me. Everything's alrig-
Me: No it's not! Daddy's still there, trying to kill me!
Did she still remember me? I'm so happ-
Sophia: Would you like me to show you where your daddy is? He's not going to harm you, after I sorted him out...
Wait...So she doesn't remember? The way she said that sentence, it's as if she's talking to a lost girl.
Me: What? Yo-
Sophia: Let's just say...I had an encounter with some trash a while back. Come on. Let's go. It's much safer if you go with me.
So Daddy died? Is this going to be a start of a dream?
Me: Is Daddy...?
Sophia: I'll fill you in the details MUCH later. For now, let's go to my house! I'm sure you're going to like it there!
Yes...she's still the same cheerful person I know...
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