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Not A Story
This is just a list of bands and the songs that I'd recommend. I had a friend request me write her a list of music to listen to and this will just be where I make the preliminary list. Who knows maybe you'll find your next favo...
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Interest check
They say every child is born with some sort of spirit that helps guide them. They in return keep the spirit calm and satisfied. Most spirits are ancient ghosts or extraordinary creatures. It just happened that my spirit was a g...
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Awakening the wolf
Chase Bain isn't the most popular boy in high school. Or the hottest, but when he learns of a hidden power stored inside him and accidentally awakens it suddenly he is better, faster, stronger, and all his senses are enhanced w...
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A Night of Horror
This is a short story I did in Creative Writing. Enjoy and please let me know what you thought about this in the comments! This is a campfire story that I came up with that has characters telling the story. This is my work plea...
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Randomly Evil and Funny Short Stories -made in 10 minutes or less-
So this is something I did in my creative writing class. I had to start with a scene called the green light and end the story with a red light... If you like this then you can request me to do one and I will post it as another ...
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My OC's (2)
Just so I don't lose track of them... feel free to read... I will post more as I start more RP pages :D
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Hidden Powers
Jaxon is his nickname, his real name is Jax. He is able to control air, but he isn't like what you would commonly expect, he has powers way beyond anyone's comprehension, and it will take two others who control different elemen...
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Len is part of a big picture, one that some people are willing to sacrifice others for. But first Len must go to a place total run by these people called Tomorrow Academy. His future is at stake and why he is so important is ye...
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Dark User
Nick. Full name Nicholas McMahon. A quiet, sensitive, and timid seventeen year old boy who is special. He can control the darkness. His opposite, Laurel Ziegler, a loud leader, focused, sporty girl who can control light. They c...
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White Rose
19 year old Rea is still in high school, lucky for her she is a senior, but something strange is happening around her, also the fact that a mysterious man is following her and once and a while sneaking into her house and inject...
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A kitten or a boy. This story is about a cat shape shifter boy who is found by a nice woman after his 'owner' gets killed in an accident (she was hit by a train), the woman who saved him is a doctor who takes patents off the ro...
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Eon a Hidden Prince
Eon is a prince of a country stuck in the midst of conflict with the neighboring areas, as prince his is kept under guard most of the time and given several fighting lessons so if something where to happen to him he could get a...
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Forsaken Flame
Shane McKinn is no ordinary boy, he is an arsonist, but he is also the first ever pure blooded Forsaken, a group of people who have been born with the gift to create fire themselves, only he is more exceptional. He looks like a...
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