Eon a Hidden Prince

Eon a Hidden Prince

Eon is a prince of a country stuck in the midst of conflict with the neighboring areas, as prince his is kept under guard most of the time and given several fighting lessons so if something where to happen to him he could get away. But his adopted sister has recently come back, the woman who was paid by her parents to leave without Eon knowing, especially when his parents put him under lock down afterwards. As soon as she came back Eon's world gets twisted, and instead of a simple life without much worrying about the neighboring areas, he now has to be on guard twenty-four seven. because someone has given these people a way to him and now he has to keep safe, while at the same time figure out why his parents and adopted sister are fighting.

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Chapter O' 1 preview

“Eon, I’m hungry, when are we going home. Get me a sandwich,” Cassidy complained for the eighteenth time that afternoon.
        “Look Cassie, I would love to buy you everything you wanted but mom and dad told me to only get you what you would need to start a farm,” Eon glared over at her, “I may be the youngest but you are now twenty, why do you still have to live at home, mom and dad paid for everything you would need. Then you stopped talking to us for eight years and now look, here you are whining at me for food.”
        “Eon, I don’t care, just get me food,” Cassidy looked over with a look of pure hate.
        Eon ignored the look, “You know you worried mom and dad, they sent half the palace looking for you for the first week, I was locked in my room for a month because of the possibility you were being held for ransom.”
        Cassidy stopped, Eon just kept walking and didn’t worry enough to stop. Cassidy was probably looking at some more sandwiches.
        “Eon,” Cassidy beckoned Eon back over to her, “Isn’t that Uncle Michael. The Duke of Fensworth.”
        Eon looked through the window towards where Cassidy was pointing, she had always done things like this to Eon, but he looked anyway. Eon didn’t see anything special, he looked back at Cassidy who was grinning victoriously, she stopped suddenly.
        “Okay, okay, okay, this time I’m not lying, I swear on my life I just saw Tomas the baker.” Eon watched as the twenty-year-old swing her body back and forth at the site of Tomas.
        “Come on, I have better things to worry about, my only friend says he is willing to take me with him to a concert if I’m ready by ten, so please don’t ruin this chance for me.” Eon begged pulling Cassidy along after him.
        “Fine, I will stop begging me if you let me talk to Tomas for ten minutes with you outside I don’t want prince in the tent.”
        “So says the princess, oh wait I forgot you are true royalty you are adopted.” Eon knew that one struck her hard, he hated resorting to that kind of thing but it ticked him off when Cassidy called him a prince out in public.
        “Fine whatever, I will visit him without you tonight, true royalty have guards I don’t. Haha, I win,” Cassidy flaunted her freedom in Eon’s face.
        “Mature,” Eon grumbled at her, “ anyway I don’t have to have guards if I go out in public in disguise.”
        “And how long do you think that will protect you from King Zion without any protection,” Cassidy retorted.
        “Well isn’t that why you know how to use a sword and I learned self-defense.” Eon waited for a snarky reply from his older adopted sister.
        Eon walked away from Cassidy and the bakery that she was trying to get to, he followed the back roads to the one path that his parents didn’t know about that led to and from the castle.
        "Where are you going?" Cassidy called out chasing after Eon, "this isn't the way back!"
        "Where do you get your information?" Eon said as sarcastic as possible. "If you don't think this is the way back then go back and take the main road, remember I've had time to myself."
        Cassidy followed behind Eon making sure to stay arm grabbing distance away, Eon thought it was pathetic that a woman who knew how to use a sword as well as the best knight in the world was afraid to walk a weird path and had to grab on to her younger brothers arm. A branch fell from a tree and Eon noticed Cassidy go on the alert.
        "What is it?" Eon asked suddenly very alert and watching his surroundings carefully.
        "I thought I saw something move in the trees!" Cassidy said pointing at a nearby tree. Eon almost fell over from the humility of Cassidy's stupidity. What she thought she saw move was a harmless fire squirrel.
        "Is the fire squirrel the thing you thought you saw moving?" Eon asked letting out a soft snort.
        "Yes... yes, is their some kind of problem with it!" Cassidy said seeming a little more than menacing. Eon back down and forced his smile away, he continued down the path without another word, Cassidy following soundlessly beside him. No more mistakes where made the rest of the way home but Eon could sense that Cassidy kept her guard up the whole time. Forcing him to wonder about what was really in that tree and if she was lying about what she saw.

......Dun Dun Dun, thats all you get to see. Hope you enjoyed this and if you did please leave and constructive comment or even just a comment if you want. I really don't care. :P I will be working on this more for anyone who enjoyed this.
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Good job keep it going
on March 09, 2017
I think I will add the next chapter to this. If you would like that please let me know.
on August 06, 2015
Do you think so, I just reread all my stories I have been working on, I will try to post those too. I'm really happy you liked this one though, I wasn't to sure about it. :D
on December 05, 2014
on December 05, 2014