Awakening the wolf

Awakening the wolf

Chase Bain isn't the most popular boy in high school. Or the hottest, but when he learns of a hidden power stored inside him and accidentally awakens it suddenly he is better, faster, stronger, and all his senses are enhanced which makes a convenient way to spy on his crush Heather Watson. Not only has he awakened this new power. He has also plunged himself into the center of a volatile and cruel new world where other creatures lurk waiting to find the perfect time to kill him at any moment.

published on August 06, 201519 reads 11 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.


Chase was born human. One day in his early years however his parents took him to a local park where he was bitten by a seemingly normal dog. Later this "dog" was found by a group of hunters after being deemed dangerous and a threat to kids and so was put down. Chase never knew much about what happened when he was bitten and what happened after. All he knew was he got a scar on his back because of it.

However one day at school during math class at Eastwood high his powers are suddenly awakened. And with them comes chronic headaches and a craving for raw meat.

After learning to "control" his newfound powers-- which includes random transformations-- he finds himself drawn into a world that most humans would never catch a glimpse of. One where vampires, shape-shifters, werewolves, goblins, fairies, storm spirits, gods and goddesses, the loch ness monster, bigfoot, dragons, necromancers, witches, and wizards are all fact. Not fiction. And the hunters that go after them are also a very present fact. And not only that, but Chase is now a target for elimination. Only Chase and all of his friends (who come in different shape, size and lethality) have to cope with the flood of mythical beings that have come to their small town in Kingsford, Maine.

Now it is a race to find out why he has a target on his back, who bit him, how to control and use his powers, and why he was actually bitten. All of which is made harder by the fact that the one who bit him is now dead and little to nothing is known about werewolves. Especially since the internet searches and articles are about 90% incorrect on its information on werewolves. Even worse. The shifting on full moons part was bull.

This is a story where the mythical is totally real and werewolves aren't those scary beings you see pictures of. No they are the massive wolf like dogs that wander around.

(If you like the concept of this story please comment below. I'm thinking of making this into a long story, but before I put a lot of effort into it I would like to know that someone would like to read it! This may soon become a project I start. Please do not take the idea or concept for the story. Thanks!)
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Comments (3)

Nice please continue :3
on November 22, 2017
NVM! I was sick today? Yesterday? It is 2:04 AM and I was trying to publish the next chapter of the story, but since I was sick all day I need to sleep. Sorry for all of you waiting. It shall be uploaded by at least 5:00 PM 8/24/15. Which I guess is today. Lol.
on August 24, 2015
The full chapter one will be posted by 8/23/15. If not you can tell my how dissatisfied you are with my lack of effort.
on August 21, 2015