Len is part of a big picture, one that some people are willing to sacrifice others for. But first Len must go to a place total run by these people called Tomorrow Academy. His future is at stake and why he is so important is yet to be seen...

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The Past, Present and Future

“Snow, oh snow, please don’t go. Rain, oh rain, please come to aid of the snow,” Len’s older sister kept going on with the chant while he sat in the yard watching her, his sister came to him and took out a small knife. Len wasn’t sure what was happening, she neared him, Len’s mother happened to look out the window right at that minute and she looked straight at Len the to his sister Mary.
        Being six Len could hardly speak while Mary was sixteen, his mom looked horrified and rushed outside but Mary was already at Len with her knife. Mary lifted his arm, she licked the blade and cut into his arm. Len let out a howl of pain and tried to pull away, his sister switched to another language and chant as she pulled Len by his bleeding arm over to a weird spot in the yard that Len was always afraid to go near.
        Mary looked back at the house as their mom rushed out carrying a small stick, Mary flung Len on the weird spot. Len scrambled to the edge but something was preventing him from leaving, Mary looked at him and smiled her most sincere smile.
        Len watched as their mom turned away from Mary who stood protecting Len and turn back to the house.
        Mary let out a loud breath.
        “Were safe now Len, that satanist wont touch you ever again, she only kept you for that demons sake, but now I will protect you,” Mary was about to cross onto the weird dark part but their mom came out again carrying their father and a gun.
        Len watched as the mom through their dad out onto the grass pointed the gun at his killing him, their mom lifted it higher aiming right at Mary, but before she had a chance to step over the gun sounded and Mary fell over lifeless.
        Len’s mother came toward Mary’s dead body, Len watched her inspect his dead sister from the other side of the grass. Something broke inside the house and men came rushing into the yard, Len’s mom dropped her gun and laid down on the lawn.
        Len tried to move over to his mother but he was unable to leave the weird area no matter how bad he wanted to leave, one of the men who was wearing weird clothing stepped into the weird part lifting Len and carrying him out.
        The man handed Len to a group of men who smiled at him and took him away from the horrible scene, he looked back once more at his mothers still figure, the men circled her and he heard a loud bang, the same as the sound the gun made when his mom shot his dad.
        A scream echoed out and more popping sounds rang in the midday air, Len looked back and saw all the men who had circled his mother on the ground with glossy eyes, his mom moved in a weird way towards him and the person leading him away, the man who had picked him up pulled him up again and ran with him away from the house. Len heard some more bangs as the men who had been leading him away dropped.
        The man who was holding Len shoved Len’s face into his shoulder and sped up, he ran to a car parked hopping in and yelling something that just ran strait through Len’s head as the world grew fuzzy and blank.
        “Len,” Meira called, “Wake up, the director wants a word with you.”
        Len shook himself awake checking the scar on his arm as he had done for the past ten years, whatever had happened in the past had gone missing from his memory and all he could remember was loud bangs then nothing.
        Len got dressed and moved to the mirror checking to see if he could locate the black dots on his back that had been growing, he could see the dots had grew two times bigger then it had through the week, he pulled a shirt over the blemish and marked it as nothing important. Len pulled on a pair of pants and grabbed a belt running downstairs, the director was sitting at the table.
        “Hello,” Len’s voice was deeper then it had been ten years ago, when he had first met this man.
        “Hello Len, how are you doing?”
        “Fine,” Len moved to a seat, Meira peeked inside behind the director smiling at Len.
        “I need to talk to you about your future,” The directors voice was calm and smooth.
        “Yes sir.”
        “I would like you to join ‘Tomorrow Academy,’ you out of anybody know how helpful people who graduate from that school turn out to be. I already enrolled you of corse, you need to pack your things and we will set you up at a dorm. The man who found you and cared for you until Miss Meira took custody will be meeting you and helping you through school their.”
        “Who are you talking about sir, I have no clue who this ‘man’ is, all I remember is that I was found by someone and then I was here.”
        “Director, I would ask you to not take Len away from me, did I happen to do something wrong, did I do something to make you trust me less.” Meira asked stepping into the room looking pained.
        “No Meira, it’s just that Len here has some hidden potential that the me and my bosses would like to tap into.” The director smiled at her then faced Len again. “So be a good boy now and go pack your stuff, we will be leaving tomorrow and I don’t want to be late.”
        “No, I will not leave unless Meira can come along, I don’t know the man who took care of me, I wont trust anyone but Meira,” Len looked at Meira and she looked back smiling the pained look fading into nothing.
        “Len I’m sorry to do this to you,” the director turned to face Meira and lifted a small gray thing, Meira’s beautiful face turned pale, her mahogany brown hair swishing back and forth as she turned to run, her emerald eyes giving off fear.
        A familiar sound rang throughout the house, Len watched in horror as Meira fell to the floor. His memory flipped back to a long time ago, a day when someone who looked totally different from Meira fell to the ground, she was beautiful, but she had wounded Len and put him in a place he didn’t want to be.
        His mind switched back to now and he looked in horror at the man who just killed Meira. Len rushed over to Meira’s side, he shook her then remembering what he was supposed to do he checked for a pulse, he found one and put his hand down on her wound trying to slow the blood that was poring from her.
        The director moved over to Len standing over Meira and pointing his gun down at her, Len didn’t notice the director putting his total focus on trying to stop Meira from bleeding out.
        Another sound rang out in the room, Len was paralyzed for a minute and found that the room was totally silent. He looked up at the director who was teetering on his feet and moving his mouth, Len looked at Meira who no longer held a pulse, her life fully drained away.
        Len tried to hear anything, he couldn’t even hear himself sob. A ringing started to sound in his ears and Len covered them for fear that this new sound would harm him, the director lifted him pulling Len towards his room.
        While the Len sat on the bed trying to hear, the director was rooting through Len’s closet pulling out clothing and stuffing it into a small suitcase. Len could feel the tears running down his face, when he looked around all he saw was Meira’s dead body laying on the ground, but it wasn’t only Meira’s dead body infiltrating his sight, he also saw the girl from so long ago.
        When the director finished packing Len’s stuff he hauled Len up onto his feet and led him out of the house to a car waiting by the sidewalk, a neighbor was coming walking towards the director, he pointed at the house and then at Len. Len didn’t know who this man was or what he was saying but Len started to squirm trying to get this man who he didn’t even know to help him.
        The man looked over Len and questioned the director about why he was taking this nice kid from the nice woman who lived in that house. The director looked at the man and lied through his teeth knowing that Len couldn’t hear and couldn’t defend himself or Meira.
        “I’m a detective, that woman was wanted for kidnapping this here boy and she was also a suspected murderer. I found her pointing a gun at this boy and had to shoot her before she could fire and kill him.”
        “Meira had her background checked before she came here, she had the proper paperwork for the boy. She was a good member of the community and helped with anything we asked of her, also that boy was like a treasure to her, she would never point a gun at her.” The man fought back.
        Len watched as the man fought with the director, he tried reading lips but it was hard, his hearing started to come back and he caught the last exchange between the men but it was kind of hard to make out a few of the words.
        “Help me,” Len pleaded to the man. “He shot Meira and killed her, he is trying to take me away. Help me.”
        The man looked at Len with fear showing at the fact that the man he was fighting had killed Len’s adoptive mother and was trying to kidnap Len.
        The man shook and pulled out a phone quickly dialing 911 and grabbing Len away from the director, Len ran away the minute he was free of the director. The other man was to busy on the phone talking to the police, but the director let out a whistle and a big car came from around the corner.
        Len was trapped.
        Len looked for a way out and the director pulled out his gun shooting the man who was still talking with the police and stomping on his phone, Len ran towards the big car and tried to get around but was blocked by a door and a tree.
        A man stepped out of the from the opposite side looking straight at Len. Len froze for a minute and the man took that chance to close his door and rush around, he grabbed Len and pulled Len towards him.
        Len struggled and tried to pull away from the man but he was to big, he held Len against himself and moved to a side door. He slipped it open shoving Len inside following and closing the door behind himself.
        The director went to the passenger side and climbed in throwing Len’s stuff in back.
        Len looked for a way out, he was absolutely terrified and was still trying to struggle, the man who had shoved him into the car buckled Len in and as the car started moving the man carefully looked for a small mask, Len wasn’t paying much attention to the man until he slipped it over Len’s face.
        Len struggled much harder, trying to get the mask off. Len looked at the man and while he was holding the mask to Len’s face with one hand, with the other he was opening a box, Len couldn’t read what the box said but he sure didn’t want whatever was in the box near his face.
        The man finally got the box open with his free hand and pulled out a needle and some kind of drug, he inserted the needle into the liquid drug and
        As the drug took effect Len felt his muscles tighten, the man relaxed his hold of the mask on Len’s face. Len looked around, everything was blurrier then it should of been, but he could still hear fine, no, it was more like Len was paralyzed, he saw the director turn in his seat.
        “I’m so sorry Len, we never intended to have anything like that happen.” The director put his head in his hands and rubbed his eyes, “Not to mention I just killed my own daughter, but if it keeps you under control their is no way I can refuse my bosses directions.”
        Len tried moving his mouth but it was to heavy, but it seemed the director knew what Len was trying to say. “I’m guessing here, but are you asking where we are taking you?” Len nodded the most that was possible in this situation.
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