Hidden Powers

Hidden Powers

Jaxon is his nickname, his real name is Jax. He is able to control air, but he isn't like what you would commonly expect, he has powers way beyond anyone's comprehension, and it will take two others who control different elements (fire and water) to bring out his full power. This is going to be a three book series but first I have to get through book one. Hope you enjoy.

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Chapter 1.

Breeze, Stream, Flint?

It was all bad, a day like a worst dream, the fight at school the part where he got expelled and was forced to tell his mother at dinner, the way he would sometimes look in the mirror and see and different him, a part that he had always tried to hide. Somedays, he just wished that the day had never gone bad, and that he would of never been forced to leave the school all his friends were at, the only good thing was he might just make new friends, he would be better at gymnastics then he was as of now, my mother would always make him feel better by smiling at him as if he was the same person but they both new that was a lie.
        Today was Jax’s third day at Hullwin High and Jax was freaked. The only upside to the school was first person he had met, Karine, she was different from any other person in this dismal new town, she always knew when he was in trouble or troubled.
        Karine was troubled too so it didn’t bother her as much, she would always try to put him back together like he was a puzzle that someone messed and needed to be put back together. He had still to admit that he was a case worth dumping, his father had left Jax and his mother when Jax turned two, then for his fifth birthday sent me a card say that he would always be watching.
        His mother could tell that ever since that birthday he was going to be a hard case to handle, she would pick Jax after daycare but after a week they would tell her  Jax could no longer go to their daycare, she then moved to nannies but they all quit too. Karine had still not figured this aspect of his life, especially the fact that he crippled the school bully after the boy called Jax’s mother a ‘ugly, dumb women who fosters a stupid kid.’

        Karine was waiting by the front gate of the school, his mother stopped the car  he nodded to her and got out, she grabbed his hand and held it tight in hers, “Tonight I want you to leave this town, I will not come with you, tell no one about this,” she was welling up with tears, “I love you, but you must move on with your life.”
        “Did I do something wrong, is it because of the fight at the old school?” Jax’s hands were shaking, she shook her head and let go of his hand, she told him she loved him one more time and left. Jaxons’ phone buzzed, he picked it up, it was from Karine.
        What was that about.
        R u coming or r u going
        to leave me out here in the cold, Jaxon?
        He walked toward her, he smiled at her pet name for him, Jax, he more or less adopted the name as a new name for himself. She had given herself a pet name, Karn. He jogged once he was within in a few feet of her, he just nodded to acknowledge she was their, she fell in pace with him to the front door of the school. She smiled at him and pecked him on the cheek with a kiss, he held her hand and they walked in the school together.
        They walked to the gym, she would always watch him workout, he got set up, instead of the traditional lifting weights, he was the only kid in school who would do ten flips in a row an count that as his workout, he could jump of a twenty foot building and still land on his feet. Jaxon felt invincible, unlike his old school were he got bullied because of his talent, this school was a top rate gymnastic school.
        He warmed up, Karine came towards him, he smiled at her and stopped his warmups she walked up and Jax hugged, she hugged back tight. He struggled against her grip, she didn’t let go, he finally broke free of her grip and she smiled and said she was sorry, she walked away fast and went to sit and watch. Jax finished his warmups and got ready to start, after a few easy drills of things Jax could easily do, Jax started to get really warm, he took a break and got some water, Karine came up to Jax and asked if he would go on a walk around the school with her.
        They walked five laps around the school, Jax was starting to feel better. They both went back inside to see more kids had gathered in the gym, Jax got prepared to do flips. Jax was getting hot again but he ignored it, he did three flips before the heat got overwhelming Jax stopped for a while and sat on the bench, he decided to go on a walk again. Coach told him it was fine, he normally walked around about this time anyway,  Jax got a water bottle and a towel and started walking, he did six laps before Jax started to feel any better.
        He went inside, the intercom had come on and was calling Jax to the office, he found this weird because his main classes were, well, nothing special. He walked to the front desk to find a man with a black suit waiting, Jax went towards him and the man  stood trying to give him a welcoming smile.
        “Jaxon Cunning,” The man stood and reached a hand out, Jax didn’t shake his hand so the man just wiped it on his pants, “I need to talk to you about your mother,” He looked at Jax awkwardly, “She is dead.”
        “What!” Jax screamed for a minute, the man reached out to pat Jax on the shoulder, at that minute though Jax had gotten a text. He held it up in a manner the man couldn’t read it. All the text said was ‘run,’ Jax looked to see who sent the text, it turned out to be his mother. He pushed past the man and bolted down the halls, the man gave chase but Jax had trained a good long while how to run for long distances without slowing, he managed to get a few feet in front of him, Jax used trash cans and people as his blockades, but the man just got the people to move within the time he got there, but Jax still had the trashcans which slowed his progress but was worth every second it took to move the trashcans.
        He got to a emergency exit door and went through, the fire alarm system sounded, Jax got to the parking lot before the man managed to get through the crowds of teachers and students filing out of the building. Jax picked up the biggest rocks he could find and hurled it at the man. It bounced harmlessly of the man but a few hit home, Jax grabbed the last one nearby and chucked it at the face of his peruser, this one left a long gash down his left cheek.
        The heat right then struck Jax like a bulldozer and forced him to kneel down trying to support his weight, this allowed the man time to get up. the man walked toward Jax, “Boy you have given me no choice I have to bring you to the agency,” he came closer but Jax regaining balance dashed around him. Jax ran to the street and kept running until he found the hotel ‘Freedom.’ Jax ran inside getting many hard glances and frowns from the young and old guests, he got to the stairs and bolted up the first four flights, Jax was nearly to the fifth floor which would lead to another staircase with one more flight of stairs between him and the roof.
        Jax had been coming up here a lot recently with Karine, she had wanted to show Jax the wonders of the town. After Jax got through to the hall and up most of the stairs the heat came back again but this time it was crippling, He was forced again to stop and catch his breath, he had to walk now, but every breath Jax took was becoming more and more labored, he found the strength to make it to the roof.
        By the time Jax made it to a corner of the roof the man had gained area and was getting closer as Jax watched through bleary eyes, the man was less then three feet away. Jax tried to go faster to the edge but this time the heat wouldn’t go away, Jax fell down defeated. The man put his hand on his shoulder, the man quickly withdrew his hand, Jax was so tired.
        Jax was trying to focus on the man but by this time the man had moved to try and put his hand on Jax’s shoulder again, the man must of felt something because he ripped his hand away, this time the man tried again but moved his hands to Jax’s head. It felt like ice against Jax’s burning skin, Jax fought the urge to push the hand away from his head.
        Jax gave in to some of the weariness that was starting to overwhelm him, the only thing that the man did now was talk in a walkie-talkie, Jax felt safer now that he wasn’t running. The man started to mumble into the walkie-talkie but Jax could make out a few words. “He’s.... one, bring.. the car. We need it fast, the boy is burning up, if you don’t hurry then I will get you fired myself you peace of slum....” At this Jax passed out.

        Jax’s phone buzzed, he faintly felt it. Jax gave into the sudden need to relax, but his phone buzzed again. He was getting ticked off, all he wanted to do was relax, he tried to lift his hands up, Jax’s hands were bound behind his back. He started to become more aware, he was bouncing. Jax jolted to full wariness, his sight was blocked by something he could hear people breathing, some with ragged breaths others with short gasps of breath. Jax listened then he felt his phone buzz again, someone moved, another person moaned. Jax struggled with his bindings, he could hear footsteps approaching but he was to busy trying to get his hands free so he could get to his phone.
        Someone was grabbing at Jax now, Jax stood and got his feet under him. The person murmured something to another person, Jax was jostled around for a few seconds, whatever had been moving stopped. He was marched out into air, it was warm out here, the place that he was being kept a few seconds ago was freezing, he was lead to a gate.
        The person leading him took off whatever it was holding his hands in place, he noticed something strange in the air, almost like a hum, his cell was at the end of the row of many, he yanked off his gag and let out a earsplitting howl. He shot his hands out to the side, he heard one person gasp and someone whining in pain.
        He ran ahead, something big stopped him, it took his hands and he fought it. He struggled for a long time before admitting defeat, someone was walking up. It sounded like a women by the way a clicking sound happened every time the person moved, the women commanded the person holding him to take off his blindfold.
        Jax felt two sets of hands take his, he struggled but the person behind punched him in the face.
        The blind was lifted and he saw he was in a white room, he had been brought in here by a beautiful women, she had blonde hair, it matched perfectly with her high cheek bones and plum red lips and foggy golden eyes. She looked like a barbie doll but that was without describing what she was wearing, she had on a navy blue dress with a white belt holding it to her thin frame.
        He thought of how familiar she looked. He was the direct opposite of her, he had the thin frame but he was taller, he had raven black hair, deep gray eyes, and his school clothes on.
        “Jax,” She let his name slip out with some malice, “nice to meet you at last.”
        Jax looked around, “Do I know you?” His voice wavered at the last part of his sentence.
        She shook her head like she was ashamed of everyone, “I thought they would of told you who I was on the trip here.” She looked up her eyes snapping at the men and women by the door of the room, she looked as if she wanted to strangle on of them but right now Jax was less concerned for her feelings, he just wanted to get free of this strange place.
        She looked around the people waiting for an explanation, a man stepped up. “We had no time to tell him anything, we had to bring his fever down, Mason told us that he would get us in trouble with boss if we didn’t take care of this one immediately, we were following his orders. He slept the whole way here.” He stepped back a few feet.
        “So this is the one Mason has been tracking for three months,” She looked back at me, “Such a shame to have to leave him alone, I was looking forward to training him.”
        “Desiree, why don’t you go and fetch this poor kid some food and water.” The man they had been calling Mason pushed forward through the crowd of people. “Men get back to work,” He pushed them out of the room, with all the people gone Jax could see it was a rather big room, there was a mirror on one side and a small restroom off to the side.
        He was brought food and a change of clothes, he didn’t change but he did eat the food no matter if it was drugged. Once he finished he explored his small living space, he wanted to find a way out but their was no doubt that there were people just beyond the door, he checked out his bed, the mattress just soft enough that he would be comfy and hard enough so he could do nothing to damage it.
        He waited for anything, he got so bored in his room, he managed to talk someone into getting him a ipod but the one they gave him only had old timer music on it. Still Jax found it better then sitting in a room wondering when something fun would ever happen, but he only waited for about three days for someone to finally come in and talk to him, he had been going over questions in his head but he didn’t get a chance to ask them.
        “Do you feel fine?” A man was circling Jax, he had a long gray beard and baggy clothing that took away from any of his other features.
        “I guess. All I’ve eaten is what you people give me.” Jax was already getting annoyed.
        “Do you feel fine. Anything happen since coming here?”
        “Yes, and nothing but boredom has happened since I got shoved in this room.”
        The man circled Jax one more time and seemed to notice something, “Boy when did this happen?”
        Jax couldn’t see what he was pointing out but he didn’t really care. He waited for the old man to talk, but the old man seemed frozen on one spot. Jax walked over to the mirror and saw what the man was gawking at, he had a white spot on his raven black hair and the more he looked at the white spot the bigger it grew.
        He went back to his bed and started shivering, he had gotten cold fast. But now the heat pains were back, fighting with the cold pains, he curled up on his bed the man said something and left the room but Jax was in to much pain to care. A woman came in, she had a needle in her hand, Jax put his hand in front of him, the woman froze were she was, he put his hand down and she moved toward him. He shifted his weight, he was in pain but he didn’t want to see anything that had to do with needles.
        He felt the tiny prick of the needle before he turned and saw it, he was shaking now, but whatever was in the needle was starting to take effect, he was getting drowsy, it soon took hold of him.
        The drug put him in fevered dreams of the woman with the needle stopping in mid stride, and the white spot that had appeared on his head and grew. He was trying to find the meaning of his dream but it ended to suddenly it was soon replaced by his mom and how she looked before she told him to never go home again, and that was what was bothering him, why would his mom dump him like a piece of trash.
        He woke later, he was in a smaller room, he was dressed in white, which was not a good look on him, one of the walls in the room looked like an opaque piece of glass, he was on a bed, the door to the room opened, Mason walked in with Desiree and a girl about Jax’s age.
        The girl smiled at him and walked forward, Mason put a hand on her shoulder and she stopped mid-stride, Desiree waited to see if anything would happen, she took one step forward.
        Something triggered and Mason had to pull her back, the girl moved forward again but Mason this time let her move, she navigated the floor slowly, Mason and Desiree followed her acting as if she was going to trigger something on the floor.
        Jax tried to move but he was unable, he struggled more freely. He tried reaching toward the girl, Mason stopped dead, Desiree ran into him but he didn’t flinch, “Stop Desiree, let Topaz have a chance. She is the only one who can navigate the room without triggering any of the traps, plus this is both of their training so we go no farther.”
        The girl named Topaz came forward, she was no longer looking at the floor, Jax struggled more and more the closer she got. He tried freeing himself but nothing worked, once the girl was by him he decided that he had no other choice but to surrender. Topaz put her hands over the bindings, the seemed to melt under her hands, he got untangled from the mess of bindings.
        Topaz reached her hand out to him but Jax refused to take it, he was mad enough already he didn’t need to be helped by a girl that looked younger than him. She hopped across the room back to Mason and Desiree, she left the room with Mason following, Desiree walked across the room to Jax. “That girl has a power, if you didn’t understand, she can use fire for her own purposes, she is also the best navigator we have no trap she can’t beat. That is the only reason you are free.” Desiree looked like she was enjoying Jax’s anger.
        “So why don’t you follow her?” Jax said in the most annoyed voice he could manage.
        “Because,” Desiree said rolling her eyes, “boss told me to check to see your power and power level. I mean you are the most special, or thats what everyone is saying.”
        Desiree put her hands on his head, he could tell she was shocked by the reaction on her face. She called Mason back in the room with a little walkie-talkie, she looked anxious to move by the time Mason actually showed up.
        “Desiree you called.” Mason said in a calm voice.
        Desiree hopped up and not even trying to be quite blurted out “Mason you didn’t tell me he was a Breeze especially a level six. You told me that with a Flint, and a Stream here that we would only look for ones that differ, people like me, ones who can read and the only ones that can just move fast. Not ones that can harness...”
        Mason slapped Desiree across the face stopping her sentence short, she stared at Mason stunned that he would of slap her, Jax gave a short giggle. Mason walked to him and took his arm and started to drag him out of the room, Mason walked with Jax struggling to not slam face first into the ground behind him.
        Jax tried digging his heals into the ground but it didn’t work so he just walked behind Mason in a brisk pace, Mason stopped Jax in front of a glass door. Mason punched in a code and pushed Jax’s through the door, Jax walked around the room, the door slid closed behind him. He searched the room and came up with nothing but a bed and a small bathroom off to the side.
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It's a good story, but I'm a bit confused.
I wrote this a long time ago, I plan on basically redoing the entirety of the story. It may take a while though, I'm already working on redoing like ten of my stories.
Ok, cool.
on March 03, 2017
on March 03, 2017
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