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Interest check

They say every child is born with some sort of spirit that helps guide them. They in return keep the spirit calm and satisfied. Most spirits are ancient ghosts or extraordinary creatures. It just happened that my spirit was a god. - - - Eli is an eight-year-old orphan who was bought alongside thirteen other kids. These kids are special. They have received the mark a spirit brings at young ages. On their way to a ship three towns over the group stops at a deserted beach to meet up with ten other groups each with varying number of kids. It just happens that is the time the water god attacks. Eli is severely injured protecting his best friend and that is where the main story begins.

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Interest Check

Ten years ago:
        “Eli! Come on Eli wake up and go and play!” My best friend Lizzy who had just turned nine was sitting on top of me.
        “I am up Lizzy.” I said, “Are we still in the orphanage?” I managed to squirm out from under her and sit up.
        “No, a woman came. She picked out ten girls and four boys. I think you were asleep when it happened. Anyways. She called our names last.” Lizzy started giggling. “She picked you up like a princess and carried you out.”
        I had no recollection of last night. I had been given some special food by the owner and almost as soon as I had finished eating I was asleep. Probably since it was the biggest meal I had in two years.
        I went to a chair that was holding some clothes and started getting changed. Lizzy came over and poked at my ribs. “Why are you so skinny Eli? I mean for a eight year old you are super skinny.”
        Ignoring her question I finished getting dressed, she seemed peeved that I wouldn’t answer he but she left it as it was. A small scaled lizard crawled on the floor around Lizzy’s feet.
        “You have a spirit!” I hadn’t seen a spirit before. Even growing up with the stories I never really believed them.
        Lizzy was grinning like mad, “Yeah, she came to me last night. Her name is Dray, she is an earth dragon. The woman told me.” Lizzy lifted her shirt enough to show her stomach where the symbol for earth and spirit where ingrained into her body. “Although you’ve had you since I’ve known you.” I glanced down at where the shirt was covering the water spirit symbols on my stomach.
        “Where are we anywhere?” I said finally taking a look around the large and spacious room.
        “Oh that? We are in a motel near the train station. She said we’d be getting on the train today and well be going to the ocean where we’ll be brought to our new home by ship!” She sounded so enthusiastic. I was also really happy and couldn’t wait to see new places. Someone knocked and Lizzy bounced her way to the door opening it.
        “Ah Lizzy!” A boy about ten was standing on the other side. “Vera wanted me to check to see if Eli was awake yet.”
        “Ah yeah he is. Come on in.” Lizzy said before dragging him into the room and closing the door. She walked back to where I was standing and pointed at me and then the other boy. “This Eli. Eli this is Tristan.”
        I didn’t say anything. I hated people and so I slid myself behind Lizzy and just watched Tristan.

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Hey, add.
This will become a full fledged story at some point. Sorry for taking so long in giving you a reply. This will be worked on more at some point. This was just the interest check.
on August 31, 2016
on February 28, 2016