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Mwahaha Zalgo Text
Zalgo text is one of the most awsomeness texts out there Don't you think so too?
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Leafeon X Glacion (Human Version, Sweet Eeveelution Love)
So I came up with an idea to make a cute, fluffy, love story between Leafeon and Glaceon as humans. :3 There will be more humanized pokemon just to let you know and the plot will grow as my thoughts do so on the story. Meaning ...
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PokePastas (Pokemon Pastas)
I OWN NONE OF THESE!!!! SOME NEED WARNINGS I SUPPOSE!!!! LIKE NSFW!!!! PROBABLY NOT THOUGH!!! OK, so I've decided to list a bunch of my favorite PokePastas that I thought deserved to be popular or something or were just awsome....
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ThE DeTeNtIoN LiSt
This is my first Creepypasta. My teacher wanted me to make HER a Creepypasta and said she like "Vampire Diaries". Then I decided to add on to the teacher Creepypastas! So yah. Tell me how I did and what I can improve one. :/ :D...
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Creepypasta Stories
I OWN NONE OF THE STORIES!! Also, some are of gore and MUCH violence. Read at your own risk. :P Some are also NSFW. :/ I have decided to look up origional stories and such and then post them on here!! I'll be looking up popul...
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Alyssa was a regular girl in high school. She had blonde, not-so curly anymore hair and hazel eyes. Just normal... OR IS SHE!? Alyssa has trans' as she calls them and weird ones about some familiar creepypasta characters. But ...
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Lost Silver Poems.
Lexi: This is a very short and sweat poem for dear Lost Silver who, may I remind all, is UNFORGETTABLE!! XD I loved hearing his story (video/story) and he is a close friend by heart. This is also for Icecat, because it's a mixe...
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Help Stop Bullying Today! Spread the Story! (1)
HELP STOP BULLYING!! If you care and want to stop bullying read this. First off I copied and pasted this becau8se it said to if you cared. Here's what it said: This story was first posted by directioner.styles. Now our aim (Be...
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Creepypasta Conversation Show!!
This is because of HellRaiserPrincess and Bing!! I am soooo sorry if I stole this from HellRaiserPrincess but it was so amazing that I had to do this!! It will be just like a show!! READ THE RULES AND COMMENT, PLEAASEE!! XD
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!!@Bing00's Clay Creepypastas!!
These are pictures of the clay creepypastas Bing gave me!!! HE'S SOOO NICE!! I was sooo exited too. :) He might make more so I'll update. Anyways, we are great friends at school and LOVE talking about the C.Pastas!! We chatted...
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Cleverbot Conversations
These are some of my conversations I've 'copied' and 'pasted' to my computer from the past before I met BEN and the creepypastas. BEN is the reason I know of Cleverbot. Some of my conversations with the AI are random and some a...
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Smiley Breeds
Not exactly a story, I just REALLY wanted to do this!! ENJOY!!! :) :) Falalala!!!
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Your Twitching, Wonderous Eye
This is a poem I came up with in my head around 3 days ago. It's weird because I came up with it at night while I was watching a movie on Chiller. I memorized it and wrote it down the next night. Enjoy. :) NO HATERS!!!!
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Creepypasta Poetry Collection
All of the pictures are by, I believe, 'DethKira'. Whoever that is.... This is my Creepypasta Poems. People seemed to like my other poem so I've decided to make THIS! PLEASE tell me how I did. :( Be honest but please don't be m...
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Creepypasta Poem of detail and death
I came up with this at school and all of my friends liked the ryms. Some didn't like creepypastas though. PLEEAASSEE tell me how I did. It is my first poem about creepypastas so don't be mean but please be honest. Comment, rate...
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WHO WILL WIN??!! The fight started on a comment then they started fighting over at my house. I'll explain in this read, enjoy. :)
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How I met BEN :)
I met Ben by buying Majoras Mask.... for my wii? This is my story about meeting BEN and beating his 'Little Game'. But when he brings me to the C. Pasta place.... things get difficult. Do you want to know if I got along with t...
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