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Creepypasta Stories
Okay so I have now created a page for all Creepypasta fans who want to read more Creepypastas. If you want to post one on here here's the order it has to be in: (Title of Pasta) (What you think about it) (THE LINK) Enjoy... :)
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'Creepypasta Poetry Collection' Ideas
HELLO!! This page is for all of my fans, friends and any who have good ideas of which Creepypasta should be next. To everyone who enjoyed my poem THANK YOU!! *Hugs everyone* No haters please....
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Lexi :EVERYONE should know about Creepypastas. Right Ben? BEN: Right! Lexi: Everyone should also know how AMAZING Ben is. BEN: Oh stop. *blushes* Lexi: That's why I made THIS page. BEN: YAY!!
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