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Which Creepypasta really suits YOU
Ok.... random questions will show your fate of which Creepypasta suits you. >:) . Sorry that Ben and Jeff aren't here. They're on a killing spree!! Mwahahaha!! >:)
342 responses 76
How much do YOU know about Creepypastas
It's for fun. They ARE real. You need to test how much youknow about them. Choose ALL the answers of which would have you SURRVIVING!! Choose correct answers. ETC.!!
182 responses 23
Are YOU Creepypasta lover?(Girls only)
Lexi: I'm going to bring out some known Creepypastas and they're going to ask some guestions. Lets see if you can be they're lover.:) BEN: Yah!!! Wait.. what?
735 responses 135