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It's Not The Same As It Was
This is just a poem about growing up. Please, read, comment, and enjoy!
13 reads 12 readers 10 profile storyby Bmac99
BackToHumans' Rants
I'm in the mood to rant about something. You guys can gimme suggestions if you wish. The whole point of this is for you to have something you can agree with.
39 reads 22 readers 7 by BackToHumans
Standing In The Rain
Mystery, Romance, And Adventure!! ~~ This is about a girl in 10th grade, who is constantly being out shined by her sister, who is accepted into a secret organization-MUTTS (Mis Understood Teens Transaction System) Hope you love...
115 reads 18 readers 6 by Nobody.07
Zoe Jellybeans (IceCat)
This is a poem I wrote for my best friend IceCat! She's one of my best friends and it really p!ssed me off when I saw this b!tch talking sh!t about her and how bad her writing was and stuff like that. SMH Haters these days just...
29 reads 24 readers 8 by HellRaiserPrincess
This is just a short story. I don't think it's really a story, but just read it, you'll be glad you did.
97 reads 80 readers 39 profile storyby Gisselle
R.B.Rs please read!!!!
I made some new Hater fighting rules!!!! please read it will be very usefull!
29 reads 23 readers 16 profile storyby potterpox
i could put R.B.R in a short story but this is what truly happend i know u fellow pplz wanna know so here it is THE STORY OF THE BBBBFFFFAAAEEES !!!! LLAMA LLLAMA LLLAMAA
126 reads 40 readers 41 by potterpox
My Thoughts To The Haters And Bullies Of The World.
These are my thoughts to the haters and bullies of the world. I wrote this poem today and it might not be a really great poem but this is my honest thoughts and I want to put an end to bullying and hating. I want this poem to m...
95 reads 47 readers 34 by Beauty784
My life.... So far
This is practically a ' Draw My Life ' but in writing form, I got the idea from KickThePj and AmazingPhil both being youtubers but enjoy!
16 reads 14 readers 6 profile storyby Kellis_reid
Harry potter has no idea he has a sibling until vanessa strauss shows up and ruins the picture. What happens? read my story!
423 reads 70 readers 71 by GlowingAndFading
Countries of Our World: Japan
Hello, I Am Going To Be Starting A Seires (<---- Miss Spelled) This Episode Japan
54 reads 19 readers 9 by Tornado1619
Some quotes for you to laugh at and enjoy...
I have some quotes and I first posted them on my wall. I'm collecting them on this story. I will be adding some every now and then because I really enjoy reading them and re-posting them and sharing them with some friends. :) T...
443 reads 91 readers 83 by Beauty784
When Elizabeth Thorne moves to her dad's house in the middle of a lonely, rainy town she ignores all welcoming smiles and warmth. Then she meets Leon Ruiz. A dark, mysterious boy. He has a secret and she is determined to find i...
83 reads 28 readers 14 by Storyteller10
Love <3
How does one feel when in love? What does their heart say? Sometimes what we say isn't whta we feel.
64 reads 53 readers 8 profile storyby molly1
The bell wicth
a true ghost story only here! the bell wucth a true ghost story, comment if you like!
52 reads 48 readers 24 by Mythsandlegends
Red Mist
Liesel is fighting. Her face is as pale as snow. Her hair is as black as coal. Her lips as red as blood. She is a single rose in the midst of a war. And she will fight. Oh, she will fight.
114 reads 42 readers 19 by Runaway
Lol for those of you who dont know who the are, we are a group af awsome friends who stand together and fight agianst the haterz on qfeast! (This goes to potterpox, clove, hannahpower, tornadoe, catoandclove)
137 reads 30 readers 21 by earth707
Friday the 13th: Terror at Crystal Lake
3 years after the events of Friday the 13th: The Beginning, my friends and I go back to the abandoned campground to rid ourselves of the horrible memories.
56 reads 22 readers 18 by PeetaMellark76
May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor!
"May the 42nd annual Hunger Games begin!" Ceasar Flickerman's voice is drowned out by the Capitol's crazy cheers. But I can't hear them. I can only hear blood rushing to my head. My heart pounding through my uniform. All I see,...
165 reads 38 readers 16 by Nobody.07
Friday the 13th: The Beginning
This story is about when I go to summer camp. Little do I know that the camp has a dark, brutal secret.
202 reads 49 readers 37 by PeetaMellark76