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I don't know what to do
Ok, so here we go. This is like the first time I've said all of this, and I think I really need advice. Please seriously no hate or anything cos this is really serious for me. I used to have this best friend/boyfriend (Let's...
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Why are people obsessed with making false accounts?
I don't see why people create false accounts - and its really beginning to annoy me. People are claiming to be Justin Beiber's sister, Harry Styles's cousin...why do people do it? Have some people no self respect?
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How long is the average time in jail for theft?
My brother was arrested last night for theft ( a wallet left on a phone box containing fifty pounds) and I miss him, how long is the average time in jail for theft?
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Hows many places have you been chucked out of?
It's just me and my brothers earned a nickname (well my brothers did, I just contributed a little) it's the trouble making benedicts! We always get chucked out of places, have you ever been chucked out? You now, park, cinema, l...
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Do any of you think about the people in poverty?
Some people in Africa have no food, no warmth and no water. Children die at early ages and it's not fair that we should have all this food, water, beds, warmths, family. Some children run away from bad homes and die in the stre...
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Who else is angry with the extinction of animals?
Over 40,000,000 animals are endangered and it is our responsibility to stop this. We need to stop littering, stop smoking and stop polluting. It makes me feel so angry that we are the cause of this and all because of our selfis...
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Why is this happening?
I'm not normally the girl to fuss about boys much but this problem has been upsetting me for a while. My best friend in the entire world/boyfriend moved house two years ago. Since then we haven't interacted at all, we don't go ...
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Please everyone come back. we miss you and nothing can cheer me up. I miss soflol, sarcasticripred, thule, grace123, earth707 and loads of others. we all want peace on qfeast and no haters. PLEASE COME BACK EVERY ONE. I AM SO S...
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Who likes chariots of fire?
I DO! (I love the theme tune!)
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Why is life like this?
Do you believe that our choices are decided by fate or that we create our choices ourselves as we go along? For instance if I wanted to climb a tree but my mum said I couldn't because it was too high and I denied her it wouldn'...
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How do you stop bullies?
There is a girl in my year and she is being bullied by these girls all the time. I really want to help and I seem like the only person standing up for this girl... I feel like the other girls might start bullying me too. The ot...
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