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The Book of Qfeast People
This is a story dedicated to telling facts about the people of Qfeast! This is a good way to get to know others!
731 reads 94 readers 258 profile storyby Masubii_Chan
Fnaf Bite Of 87' Theory! ( And more! )
So everyone has been saying the same thing. Foxy caused the bite of 87' for this this and that reason. So i am here to give a much different theory that has a good amount of evidence to back it up. Enjoy!
230 reads 54 readers 16 by xxredfeatherx
I've decided to interview Qfeaters or RBRs! Pls comment on who you want me to interview next!
58 reads 36 readers 17 by ChokolatLover
creepy pasta shiz
full of different creepy pasta stories. some do not belong to me. the ones that do I will put a note if it belongs to me.
54 reads 38 readers 11 by demonbreath666
35 Facts You Didnt Know!
This is just a random story i am making! If it gets good ratings, i might make another one! Hahaha see if you like it!
266 reads 87 readers 54 by earth707
This is a creepy pasta game called slendytubbies. This game is based on slender man and telatubbies. I don't know if I spelled that right. This game will ruin your childhood show. This game is scary and jumpscares if you play i...
40 reads 34 readers 17 by Icekiller46
This is just a short story. I don't think it's really a story, but just read it, you'll be glad you did.
96 reads 79 readers 39 profile storyby Gisselle
Creepypasta Poem of detail and death
I came up with this at school and all of my friends liked the ryms. Some didn't like creepypastas though. PLEEAASSEE tell me how I did. It is my first poem about creepypastas so don't be mean but please be honest. Comment, rate...
40 reads 30 readers 22 by LexiCha
The Clown Statue/Doll
I noticed many people enjoyed my post of "The Fatal Hairdo", so I decided to post all version of the well-known urban legend, "The Clown Statue", or "The Clown Doll".
134 reads 32 readers 12 by imeyouthree
The Fatal Hairdo
A girl dies from a hairdo because she's dum. blaghjlihugfcghyujihugyftdrftgyhuiojhugyftgyhuji
212 reads 51 readers 14 by imeyouthree
sad animal stories
sad ,happy funny cat stories! there great why not read some! They are all about cats and kittens!
48 reads 30 readers 4 by catlover000
Just Breathe
Just Breathe is a story i'm starting, sorry if it is not in chapters but segments and please excuse my punctuation, spelling etc. Please rate, comment, star and post what you think.
60 reads 47 readers 18 by JennyBearie
Some quotes for you to laugh at and enjoy...
I have some quotes and I first posted them on my wall. I'm collecting them on this story. I will be adding some every now and then because I really enjoy reading them and re-posting them and sharing them with some friends. :) T...
443 reads 91 readers 83 by Beauty784