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Why is Freddy the least favoured animatronic?
I don't know why everyone says he's so evil and all the other characters aren't. I swear people are only saying that because they just don't like the look at him, because he's not Foxy. Tbh I actually think Freddy looks quite i...
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Imagine if this was invented!
Imagine if there was a machine in the future that could bring every single fictional cartoon/game character into a real life person? That would be the BEST THING EVER! 😄
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What do these symbols mean?
What do those symbols mean that are beside my follwers, pages, quizzes etc.?
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Does anyone have any requests for quizzes, stories and stuff?
Just say what you want me to make and I'll make it for you. I will also put your name in the description of what I make. :)
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Do any of you guys live in Australia?
Btw I'm Australian :)
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What do you hope to get for Christmas?
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My Squid Fortress in Minecraft
This is my random Squidward fortress in Minecraft
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have you encounter anything scary, or played the scary maze game, or any scary screamers? If so, then tell me about!
I've played the scary maze game, and have watched a few screamers, but tell me about what you've experienced? :D
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Does anyone here watch mad?
It's this show on Cartoon Network.
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Favourite skylander.
What's your favourite skylander?
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