"You live as long as you dance." -Rudolph Nureyev
on October 13, 2018
I was reading some old posts of mine from back in the day and man, I was funny! What happened?
on April 24, 2018
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When you leave the site for a while and everyone changes their username.
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on January 04, 2018
Man, I just read through some old RPs and got all nostalgic. I feel sad and old now. It's fine. I'm FINE.
on January 02, 2018
Forgive Us Our Trespasses
“When we are faced with deciding what is right and wrong, pray to the Lord, for He shall guide us through the wicked of the world,” preaches Reverend Page. Cornelia fidgets in the pew and Abigail smooths her skirts. I place a hand on my younger sister’s knee to stop her from swinging her legs then turn my attention back to his sermon. “For man’s judgement is flawed and we are ever pulled to sin and wickedness!”
I look down into my lap then at the sun streaming in through the windows and the...
on December 31, 2017
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When you used to be popular on Qfeast now no one cares if you dropped off the face of the earth...
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on April 08, 2017
Being a writer low key sucks. I want people to like my writing, but I also want people to be honest, but also I'm super sensitive about my work, but also I'm super sensitive when no one reads my work, but also I wanna keep writing but also I'm like, why bother because no one cares, but also this story and characters have so much potential and like, I don't even know anymore. All I want is someone to read my stuff...
I know that feel man. *hugs*
on April 02, 2017
on April 02, 2017
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What's something you want to read about?
It's been a while since I've been on here, but I'd love to get back into the writing game again! And what I'd like to know is what y'all find interesting to read that isn't fandom related. I need some input because if I write, ...
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on March 31, 2017
added a new chapter to An Assortment of Poems
Some old--Some new
Some soft--Some rough
The patches of the beautiful creation we made to together
Shake out the dust-- air it out
It’s time to add another patch
Another stitch--another thread
Where’s the needle?
Up and down
Down and up
Fill in the holes and gaps
Patch up the rips and tears we made
Another stitch--another thread
Remedy the pain left behind
Wrap me in your warmth again
Another stitch--another thread
New fabric to weave stronger
And new stitches and threads to...
on March 23, 2017
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Fandom Anagram Quiz
Unscramble the fandoms to test your ultimate fandom knowledge and geekery! Only a truly word nerd genius can guess the name of these fandoms! *Hints- Look closely for clues and keep in mind in each picture is the same amount ...
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on March 20, 2017
I stoke the flames with one hand and push some loose strands of my hair back up into my cap. The jolly sound of camaraderie and a fiddle fills the inn’s main room and makes me smile. The smell of stew and stale alcohol mixes in the air along with the earthy smell of mud from the sweet rain outside. I stand up and see Captain Crawford sitting with his men at one table speaking in quiet tones. Lieutenant Gray seems disinterested in whatever bawdy joke Lieutenant Martin is making. Captain Crawfo...
on March 19, 2017
The Red Coat
“Thank you, girls,” I call to my sisters as they cross the lawn carrying the washing. I place one hand on my hip and use the other to shade my eyes from the noonday sun. Abigail is perfectly capable of carrying the basket herself, but little Cornelia loves playing the little woman, helping about the inn and Abigail is good natured enough to entertain her.
“Here, Elinor,” grunts Abigail. I smile at them.
“Much obliged, dear girls,” I say.
“Mother has one more basket!” Cornel...
on March 14, 2017
Of Men and Money
I startle slightly and prick my finger on my needle as I hear my name called. I place my embroidering hoop down and rush out into the main room to see my mother.
"Yes, Mother?" I say, rubbing the small drops of blood into the corner of my apron.
"Will you go with Thaddeus to town and buy some things for me? I would go myself, but there is too much to be done here."
My stomach jolts at the thought of Thaddeus, our stable man. He is a man of perhaps nine an...
on February 19, 2017
on November 24, 2015
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Goodbye From Me And My Conscience
Goodbye From Me And My Conscience
You came back? he asks
Yes I came back, says I.
And what do you think? he asks with no emotion, save for curiosity.
Nothing, says I.
You have been here many times before? he asks me.
Indeed, I have spent many a joyous and woebegone days here, says I. Memory is such a painfully beautiful thing.
You left once, he says.
Yes, says I.
What for? he asks to me.
I was tired, says I.
You went for a long time, he says.
I did, says I.
And you missed this place? he asks.
I missed it, says I.
And it m...
on August 23, 2015
I like listening to opera. Sometimes.
on July 26, 2015
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Returning to old roleplays be like...
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on July 26, 2015
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Which Type Of Sushi Are You?
You know, there are all kinds of sushi out there! Like people, each kind of sushi has a particular flair to it! Which one are you? Let's find out! Who's hungry?
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on July 23, 2015
I think I'm single because I never forwarded those chain messages in middle school. You know, the ones where you had to forward the message, say your crush's name, and sell your soul or else you'll never meet your true love? That! That is why I'm single!
Better single than dead xD
on July 22, 2015
But then again, I also haven't been brutally murdered or haunted. So... IDK tho...
on July 22, 2015
on July 22, 2015
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Photo Album
This is a compilation of all the characters I've created, and the RP's we've done. However, the order in which they're displayed is not the order by which I created/joined them. Here's to looking back at old times, with old fri...
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on July 22, 2015