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Wild West Role Play
Saddle up, partners! We're saunterin' back in time to 1800's America, Manifest Destiny and the stars leadin' the way. Welcome to the town of Roland Pierce Flat, a right simple place. But be forewarned, outside the town there's ...
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Secret Agent Roleplay: Operation Reboot
Hello, recruits. Our last attempted role-playing mission was aborted. However, the Covert Organization of Detection and Espionage (CODE) still needs your help. Join our forces and finish what we never completed. Time is ticking...
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The Throwback Page
Sometimes it's nice to turn back the clock to simpler times. You guessed it! Childhood! I enjoyed mine, how about you? This page is for reflecting on your past, sharing stories, reminiscing about old movies/shows/products, and ...
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Secret Agent Roleplay
Welcome, new recruits. Join the Covert Organization of Detection and Espionage or C.O.D.E. for short or become our rival. Friend or foe, learn new skills, crack codes, go on missions, save the world, and keep your cover. We're ...
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Ballet Company RP
You don't need experience, just a lot of imagination! It's a brand new season at the Roland Pierce Ballet Company (RPBC)! Join the company or the academy and get ready to dance!
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