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An Assortment of Poems
Well, I suppose that my most unusual ramblings pour out into my writing. Poems are a great break from my prose and significantly easier. I thought I'd share some just because.
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Excerpts from my story
(It is way too long for qfeast. A single chapter takes like, 3 qfeast chapter so... Anyway, I'd love some feedback. I can always improve!) A prince has just run away from the circumstances at home, but he stops at an inn to res...
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A Real Doll
When a young girl stops in a shop to purchase a doll, things take a sweetly sinister turn.
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The Enemy Says Good Morning
In 1765, Parliament passed the Quartering Act which required colonists to house, feed, and supply for British soldiers. This was met by much resistance and resentment. For young Elinor Woodard and her family, living in colonial...
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