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Just Listen
The title says it all... Just listen. I want you to take a few minutes of your time to read this, and comprehend what I'm saying, I hope you agree :)
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Abandoned Dogs
This is a thing I'm writing about abandoned dogs. Not just on the streets, but in the most unexpected places.
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I'm Alejandro, I'm a dog, I'm a Doberman, I'm 2 years old, anything else you need to know? Anyway, this is my diary. You'll find out some interesting things about me, but you can't tell anybody about the plan, got it? Read on...
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Akina is my American Akita, we found her when my brother and I were walking down the promenade, when we heard puppy cries, we didn't know where it was coming from, I was curious but not my brother, I found a passage way between...
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Do you understand?
This is about different thoughts that's been running through my head, and I guess I've just made them into a story. I'd appreciate it if you didn't leave any abusive comments as these stories were written in dedication to peopl...
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Life is Riley...
"After Disneyland, there'll be no more family holidays because I mean, I'll be at school, so it's got me thinking, for my birthday, do you think I'll get a dog?" This story was written specifically for Kellygirl2
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Poems about dogs
I have written a few poems about dogs that I'd like to share with my fellow qfeasters! And sure, it is random, but why am I writing this? I love dogs!!!
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This is a story about an elderly woman who still recalls her Alsatian even after 70 years. This story will be quite sad so be ready for some tears x May I mention that this story is dedicated to Dexter the German Shepherd at ...
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The best power ballads!
Love power ballads? You might find some in here that you have never heard! There will be links to the songs so you can listen and watch the videos!
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Tales of The Unpredictable
Ever had an unexpected surprise? A shock that appeared when you least expected it? Well, you're not the only one it happened to...This is, the tales of the unpredictable. New tales will be made one at a time
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Obi and I
Obi is a fully grown turtle. Indie, a lonely 4 year old girl. Obi and Indie Rose share a special bond that people try to break, but nothing can stop them.
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Best top 10 modern hits
These are all of my favorite hits from 2012, hope you enjoy! All of these are my personal favorites so there is no rude music!
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Shine Your Light
This is another song I wrote. It's for people who don't believe in themselves as much as they should, for those who let people bring them down and torment them. This song should give you all some hope, here it is.
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Top Girl names- A-Z
These are all of my fave girl names and meanings in alphabetical order!
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No More Worries
This is actually a song I wrote when I was 8. It was dedicated to my granddad who died quite a few years ago, my uncle who was murdered and my granny who died shortly after he died. The picture is the photo that is on their gra...
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My Animals
This is a story about all of my animals! You'll be learning alot about them all! Enjoy!
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