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Does anyone play the guitar?
Heyy I play the guitar and i just feel like saying that so i said it so yeah lol:P Sorry im a bit hyper... But does anyone else play le geetar???xx
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Can you guess my favorite dog breed?
Okay, I've had SO many favorite dog breed in my time, but can you guess my favorite one now? The first one to get it wins uh.... Suggest something to win!
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Is there any easy way to learn how to play the guitar?
Hey guys. Our Leavers Concert for leaving school is coming up, and me and my friend Nicole have been chosen to do the art. But you're also allowed to do performing etc on the night. I'd like to learn to play the guitar to play...
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What kind of dog would suit this Bow Tie Collar?
I don't know....
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What kind of Easter egg are you hoping to get for Easter?
I got what I wanted, that's all you need to know....
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Have you ever been hurt by someone so many times that you feel like giving up?
I know I have, many times, by lots of people. What about you? Have you ever felt abandoned from your own opinion? Abandoned from friendship? Ever feel really hurt?
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Read Description Please....
Okay, so if a publisher went around all of the qfeasters who had written at least one story, and asked them which one they'd like to be officially published (as in sold in real life) which one would you chose to be published ou...
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What is a really unique breed of dog?
Any friendly, unique, preferably BIG breeds I should know about?
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Tell me about this breed...
Tell me a little about it. It's okay to use intermation! (Yes, to me, it is a word, I made it up of course x D) But you obviously need to know the breed first : / Well, good luck!
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Name the breed! Everyone! Have a go!
Yeah, it doesn't matter if you get the wrong answer, I'll simply tell you "Yes! That's right! You've won a personalized story!" or "Sorry! Wrong answer! But keep trying!" : ) So basically just tell me the breed you think it is...
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If you could be anybody else, who would you be?
I would be myself, even though I'm not perfect, I'd hate to change my life and my style. But I wouldn't mind being a German Shepherd : D
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Who here does sewing!
I do! I'm actually going to a course to do sewing stuff!
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Guess the breed everyone!
Hey! came back with dog breed questions! So what dog is this?
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Has anyone heard of the Goo Goo Dolls?
I only realized that they sang a song that I've heard a billion times but I've never known who sang it!
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What is an ideal name for a Goldendoodle?
I'd like to know what you think because I haven't got a clue
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What is the best drink?
I love Irn-Bru!
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What dance style is the best?
Mine is hip hop.
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What is wrong with my dog?
I think there's something wrong with him, he keeps scratching his ear and then he started scratching more delicately because he'd scratched it too hard. But one night, he was doing it again, but then he started crying a little ...
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Can you tell me who these people are?
If you can guess who this band is, you'll win a personalized quiz or story... But to give you all a boost, here are 3 hints... -they stayed together for 11 years. -they sang "Take it Easy" and "Hotel California". -most of them ...
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What music genres does Elton John cover?
I just wanted to know....
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