Shadow x reader: How I feel about you...

Shadow x reader: How I feel about you...

You(your oc) finds a black hedgehog out in the snow covered woods,passed out.You decide to bring the hedgehog home,and when he wakes up...Well,you will have to find out yourself!By the way,new things have been added including the title.

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Chapter 2.
Getting to know you

Getting to know you

        You awoke to the sound of movement.You sat up quickly to see what the noise was coming from,and saw the black hedgehog sit up.You looked at the time to see it was six in the morning.The hedgehog stood up,his back facing you.You hid down into the covers,making sure to cover your head."What will happen now?"I should have left him where he was."But the more positive side of you thought"He could be friendly.After all,I saved his life."You begin to hear movement,and held your breath.You could see the dark outline of the hedgehog under the covers."I know your awake."You didn't answer him.You saw that he was about to take the covers off you and you began to panic.You thought of one solution.When he uncovered you,you pretended to be asleep.You could feel his eyes stare at you."Move away please!"you think hopefully.The hedgehog doesn't move."I'm not going to hurt you."You open one eye to see the black hedgehog."I knew you were awake."he says.You smile sheepishly."Sorry,I'm not used to having people here.That's kind've why I live on my own."The hedgehog says nothing.You stopped smiling,and look down at the floor.You try to come up with something to say.Then asks"A-are you hungry?"The hedgehog nods.

        After you both finish eating,you suggest that the hedgehog lay on the living room couch."I'm fine."he says.You grab his arm and take him to the couch."No your not."you say."Your hurt! I noticed the cuts on your arms and legs.You need to rest."The hedgehog looks at you in surprise,then lets out a defeated sigh."Okay."He grimaces as he tries to lay on the couch.You give him and blanket and the remote."Watch some TV.I'll go to the store and get you some bandages.".You get ready to leave,and you hear the hedgehog asks"What's your name?"You smile back at him as you open the door."Y/n.And you are?"The hedgehog answers."Shadow,Shadow the hedgehog."You smile broader."Nice name!And I left a sandwich on the counter,for your lunch.I have other errands to run as well."He nods at you.
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