Shadow x reader: How I feel about you...

Shadow x reader: How I feel about you...

You(your oc) finds a black hedgehog out in the snow covered woods,passed out.You decide to bring the hedgehog home,and when he wakes up...Well,you will have to find out yourself!By the way,new things have been added including the title.

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Chapter 1.
A violent night

A violent night

A black hedgehog was walking through the snow covered woodland,near a lake.The lake wasn't completely covered in ice yet.Footsteps sounded behind him.He stops,and turns around.There was nothing behind him.A figure showed up behind him,and whispers "Hello Shadow.".Shadow turns toward where the figure was standing,but the figure was gone.Shadow looks around,wide-eyed.He continues walking,slowly,listening for more footsteps.The figure came up behind Shadow again.Shadow turns around again,but was too late.The figure punches him hard in the chest.Shadow was sent flying backward.The figure teleported behind Shadow and kicked him in the back.Shadow falls forward in the snow.He stands up slowly,and looks up.Several dark figures stood around him."Who are you?"he asks.
        The figures do not answer,and Shadow runs forward.When he punches one of the figures,the figure dissapated.Shadow was surprised by this.Another figure showed up behind him again and punched him in the back.Shadow was pushed forward and kicked again in the stomach by the figure.Shadow falls back,and tumbles down the hill.As he crashes down the hill,he lands on top of rocks and sticks,and began nearing the edge of the lake.He lays at the edge of the lake covered in cuts,bleeding.The figure appears and picks up the weakened Shadow and holds his head under the lake water.Shadow struggles to breathe and tries to sit up.The figure holds Shadow there until he falls limp.He pushes Shadow into the water and watched him float away."Farewell,Shadow the hedgehog."the figure says,and then disappears.

        You were walking through the snow covered woods the next day,toward the evening.You were heading home after a long day,looking for a job in the city.You near the lake and notice something floating in the water.You run down the hill towards the lake.Once you arrive,you were shocked to find that the figure was a black hedgehog.You pull him out of the water and nudge him.At first,he doesn't move.When you nudge him again,he moans and moves his head to the side.You are relieved that he isn't dead,and pick him up and carry him home.When you arrive,you lay him on your bed and look at the time on the clock.It was around 10:00 at night,and you had already eaten on the way home.You take two blankets and a pillow out of your closet and sleep in your chair in your room.You can hear the hedgehog snore a little as you eventually fell asleep.
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