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Soren's life story.(Revised.)
This is a more revised version because the other one wasn't very good.
2 reads 2 readers 2 by A.Good.Floofy.Bean
Becoming adopted...
This story is about how my ocs life would be different.What if she was adopted,and by someone we know very well.Lets see what happens.Beware:Major depression in first chapter.Okay,not major,but sad.
13 reads 8 readers 11 by A.Good.Floofy.Bean
Shadow x reader: How I feel about you...
You(your oc) finds a black hedgehog out in the snow covered woods,passed out.You decide to bring the hedgehog home,and when he wakes up...Well,you will have to find out yourself!By the way,new things have been added including t...
64 reads 22 readers 3 by A.Good.Floofy.Bean