Soren's life story.(Revised.)

This is a more revised version because the other one wasn't very good.

published on May 24, 20182 reads 2 readers 2 not completed

A failed attempt...

  "I wonder why mommy and daddy look upset."A little baby wolf thought.She had cool blue eyes and long white flowing hair.She was young,very young.Only two.Her mother and father took her quickly and ran down the hall."I don't like this!I wanna go back!"The little wolf begins to cry a little,but the mother hushed her."Shhh.Soren you must stay quiet."Soren eyes her mother curiously."Why?"The little baby thought as the parents continued their plight down the hall.Suddenly,sirens blared.Soren began to bawl again."That sound!Its making my ears hurt!"SHe thought.Her mother tries to hush her again."Sarian!Get her out of here!"The father yelled.Sarian looked at her husband."But what about you Thomas!"Thomas fixed his blue shirt."I will take care of these buggers!GO!"
        Scientists and guards ran down the hallway,screeching for them to stop.Neither listened as Sarian keeps running.Thomas fought with all his might,but it was too much."Farewell my dear!"He yells in the end.The gunshot sounded,silencing him forevermore...
        Sarain heard the sound and yelled Thomas's name.He never answered back.Soren continued to cry."I want daddy!"She yells in her mind.The dead was approaching at the end of the hall.Sarain stops."No!Not here!Anywhere but here!"The scientists pointed their guns at her."Hand her over."They say.Sarain says,"Please don't!"Sarain cowers in fear and held tears in her eyes.Soren cries more."Don't cry mommy!Or I'll cry!"She thought.Before Sarain could say anymore,another shot sounded.The mother falls on her back,the little wolf crying more.Sarain looks down and holds her baby close."I-im s-sorry.I-i know you will do great t-things my little g-girl.I-i know you w-will make i-it out e-e-eventually.Be...strong."Sarain smiles as she pets Soren one last time..
        "Momma?Why are your eyes shutting?"Soren thought.She cries again."Momma!Momma!"The scientist picks her up and carries her away."Momma!Papa!"Soren struggles in the scientist's arms.The scientist takes out a needle and injects it into Soren's arm.Soren cries out more,screeching."Youch!What was that..for.."She began to close her eyes and fell limp in the scientist's arms.The scientist smiled,as Soren's mothers body was taken away...."

Chapter 2 coming soon!
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Is this the story you wish to enter in the writing competition, i couldnt follow the link
No sorry!I'll send you another link again!
on June 12, 2018
on June 11, 2018