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Should I post the comic I'm making?
Yew,it's a Sonic comic.Its about when my oc,named Soren,is a younger kid who is adopted by Sonic and his friends.The comic is going to mostly be funny,and I may even post it has a story on here too.So I'm asking if you would wa...
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Who has Amino?
Amino is a roleplay app basically.I want to know who has an amino app so I know who I could talk to outside this website.
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Is there a good book series I should read?
I have read Percy Jackson,Warriors,Hunger Games,Harry Potter,Divergent,and right now reading Sherlock Holmes.Anyone have recommendations?I'm looking for any kind,YA or Adult is fine.
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Favorite type of superpower?
What superpower would you like to have?(I know its a dumb pic.Sorry.)
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If you went on vacation,which country would you got to?
Favorite Sonic character out of all the characters in the series?
My favorite is Shadow!Sonic and Silver are tied for second place.I'm just wondering who your character might be,even though this question was probably asked a million times.XD
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Top three favorite youtubers!
I know loads of people have probably already asked this,but I'm new so could you please answer.My favorite is Jacksepticeye,and my other two are Markiplier and classy reviews!
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What is your top three favorite movies?
My favorites include Ghostbusters(old ones),Robots(animated),and Singin in the Rain.(I know there classics except for robots.Oh and Back to the Future!And Balto!Its hard to pick three,so you can put as many as you want.By the w...
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