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City of Fear
A great nation, trampled, and now beaten, is the foundation for a new government. The tyrants who have conquered this great nation rule it with a new invention: and it's up to a small band of rebels to stop it. (This is an ongo...
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Pink Trailer: A Fanmade Written RWBY Trailer
Since I have no animating skills whatsoever, I decided it'd be a unique way making one of my characters come true. This is Peak from Team PWNN
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Darkest Evil: A Halo Story (PART 1)
(Conflicts with the main Halo storyline: Non-Canon!) The Halo. A wonderful masterpiece. A deadly machine. After it's use, the Forerunners trapped the most evil of their kind in the darkest depths of the Halo. And it's up to two...
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The Source #1: The Beginning
The Source started it all. Wars, peace, magic, and science. But what happens when followers of this celestial being turn dark? The whole world changes. For the worse.
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A Knight's Cry
Liam, a knight finds himself avenging his family with someone he never knew before. Liam must fight through the pains and fear of the mission. [Thanks for Reading! Please give Feedback!]
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The Woods
Jay Wilson was an ordinary 12 year old. He had good parents, he had a good school, and had good friends. One day him and Kyle (Jay's friend) had got lost in the deep woods. With only a a flashlight, energy bar, pocket knife, an...
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