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What's the funniest horror movie?
Oh come on, some of 'em are just plain pathetic and/or funny. List some here!
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Marvel or DC Comics?
Now now now, there will be no need for a flame war. I just want to know who likes Marvel or DC Comics. IMO, Captain America: Civil War is probably better than Batman v. Superman.
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Should a school be able to make post ex facto rules?
Post Ex Facto Law - An ex post facto law is a law that retroactively changes the legal consequences of actions that were committed, or relationships that existed, before the enactment of the law. Should you be punished, withou...
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Who's your favorite Spiderman?
Movie Examples: Tobey Maguire. Andrew Garfield. Comic Examples: Spider-Gwen, 2099 Spiderman, Miles Morales, Noir.
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What's your least favorite word? (English)
I just wanna know for my own curiosity. I mean, it's not like I stalk you, right? Right? I know what you did last night... muahahaha
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What's your favorite Anime intro/theme song?
Example: Crossing Fields (SAO), Guren No Yumiya (AOT)
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What would you do if someone insulted you?
I'm serious. No things like "I'd run my car into them and throw them down a pit of syringes filled with toxic gas." I'm dealing with something like this now, and I'd like to know what you guys would do if this happened to you s...
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What are your opinions on the Star Wars prequels?
My favorite has to be Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Only because: "YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!"
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What do YOU want FNaF world to be?
Scott already confirmed its not a horror, but an RPG! But if it wasn't a rpg, what would you want it to be? -Give plot -Characters that are gonna be in it -New name for the game (Optional)
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Do you like homework?
Multiple questions: 1. Do you like homework? 2. Do you think homework is necessary? 3. How hard is your homework? 4. Do you get too much homework? I just had some homework to do ;-;
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What is your favorite dog breed?
Mine is a foxhound lab mix! (Duh.. thats what breed I am.) So whats yours?
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How many people are on qfeast?
Some people have been here over a year and some people who have only been here a week. I wonder what the estimated number of how many users are on qfeast!
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Should I make a quiz about ONaF?
Should I?
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Would you want ONaF 3?
(ONaF = One Night at Flumpty's) I would want one!
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What is your favorite candy brand?
Mine is Hershey, a chocolate company. Whats yours?
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Would you want a new series for FNaF?
Like a new game series, based solely on the lore of FNaF?
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So, whats better? Minecraft, Garry's Mod, or Roblox?
Tell me! I'm curious. I love all of them!
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What do you think Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is gonna be like?
What plot do you think FNaF would be?
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