Darkest Evil: A Halo Story (PART 1)

Darkest Evil: A Halo Story (PART 1)

(Conflicts with the main Halo storyline: Non-Canon!) The Halo. A wonderful masterpiece. A deadly machine. After it's use, the Forerunners trapped the most evil of their kind in the darkest depths of the Halo. And it's up to two spartans to end it.

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Chapter 1.

Shipwreck on the Halo

        A flash of white is all it took. One second I was on board and the next I was on some sort of alien terrain. The fire from my escape pod kept raging, non-stop. As I walked out of my escape pod, I noticed I was on gravel. I looked up and then I found it. I was on the Halo ring.
        I took all of the things from my escape pod and left in a hurry. As I was walking, a gray circular robot flew right in front of me. It was a small robot, flying about the height as me. It had a huge blue camera in the middle of him, and that's he probably uses to see.
        "Greetings! I noticed your little incident. Sorry I couldn't get there in time," said the robot.
        "What-er, who are you?" I asked.
        "Sorry for my lack of manners. I'm 679. Don't pronounce it like the word. Pronounce it number by number," said 679.
        "I'm Spartan Carter. Nice to meet you. I take it you live here?" I asked.
        "I was sent here by the UNSC for 'faults'," said 679. "I don't see anything wrong with me. It makes me feel sad."
        It was at this moment that I found out why he was sent here for faults. 679 is sentient. He can feel emotions. How is that possible?
        "I don't either-r. So where are your friends?" I asked.
        "They're all dead. The wildlife got the best of them," said 679.
        Animals on the Halo? Last time I checked there wasn't any animals. Unless, 679's talking about plant life.
        "So where do you live? It's getting dark," I asked.
        "C'mon, I'll show you," said 679.
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